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i had to attend a lecture last week and listen to what was the lecture about.. i am taking a political science class just to let u know. the lecture was about how power of women changed the culture and the economy at the same time, when they gave women the right to vote they moved from working class to professional class he also said that women have better skills then men, also mentioned single women make more money then men and in the 1950 one in 20 men in primary age not working he also said that women are doing well in professional classes and 60 present of women have a BA and master degree,,, one last thing the topic for this lecture was " Women Power The Rise of sheconomy" Please mention on the paper all the ideas and notes I've listed and write about them. instructions  1. one page typed, double spaced paper outlining the event.  You need to include three things in your paper.  First, explain who spoke.  If it was a member of the Political Economy department faculty, just say so the speakers name is Joe Braunwarth.2. Explain what the speaker said. Just outline their main points? 2. Provide your response and/or opinion about the lecture? 3. Did you agree or disagree with the speaker? 4. Did you find their points convincing? 5. Did you find the lecture helpful in understanding the topic 6. Would you recommend this lecture to others? 



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