One of the needs that your client has is a database.

To design a database, a database planner should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what kind of information will be included in the database and how it will be organized. There are several approaches to creating a successful database.

  • Start by researching the following:
    • Search the Internet to find information about designing a simple database for your client.
    • Using the information you find, choose a simple example that would be relevant to your client's needs.
    • Complete an initial analysis of how you would like to structure the data.
    • Decide what you would like to include in the database.
      • You may use the following steps as a guide (Microsoft, 2010):
        1. What is the purpose of your database?
        2. How many tables will your database need? (Keeping it simple works here; 2–3 tables is fine). Once you have a clear purpose for your database, you can divide your information into separate subjects. Each subject will be a table in your database.
        3. Decide what information you want to keep in each table. Each category of information in a table is called a field and is displayed as a column in the table.
        4. Look at each table, and decide how the data in one table is related to the data in other tables. Add fields to tables, and to establish relationships between the tables, create primary keys using autoshapes in Word.
        5. Refine your database design to eliminate errors and create sample tables.
        6. Provide what reports may be produced as a result of your database design.
  • Based on the information you have researched, create a 2–3 page design document that includes a description of the database you would like to create as well as sample tables that would be part of that database.
  • Make sure to include references in your report of any sites on database design that you use.


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