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  • Mathematics Master’s degree Moi University  MSC/PM/01/15
  • Mathematics Bachelor’s degree JOMOKENYATTA UNIVERSITY SC261-3513/2015


    I have Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, Master's of Science in Pure Mathematics and Currently Pursuing PhD in Pure Mathematics (Algebra), my future career is to be Algebraist. Mathematics Courses covered in my undergraduate: • Pure Mathematics(units) 1. Discrete Mathematics(Set Theory) 2. Linear Algebra 3. Real Analysis I 4. Real Analysis II 5. Vector Analysis 6. Complex Analysis 7. Functional Analysis 8. Algebraic Structures 9. Number Theory 10. Group Theory 11. Ring Theory 12. Algebraic Coding Theory 13. Field Theory 14. Non-Commutative Rings 15. Topology I 16. Topology II • Probability and Statistics(units) 1. Probability and Statistics I 2. Probability and Statistics II 3. Probability and Statistics II • Applied Mathematics(units) 1. Calculus 1(Differential Calculus) 2. Calculus 2(Integral Calculus) 3. Vector Analysis 4. Complex Analysis 5. Ordinary Differential Equations 1 (ODE1) 6. Partial Differential Equations 1 (PDE1) Courses covered in Postgraduate Studies: 1. Comp

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    Masters research topic was in algebra

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    Geometry is fun

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