VW in India Marketing


 Please read the case and analyze it by answering these case analysis questions.

  • You may answer each case discussion question in each paragraph and separate different paragraphs for different questions. You don't have to copy the discussion questions in your answer.
  • Although quantity is not quality, however I do not accept 1-2 sentence answers to each question. Please make a thorough case analysis, post 300 to 500 words' case analysis (roughly 1.5-3 pages double spaced with 12-font), 


Grading Rubric 

Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric in the syllabus. 


Case Discussion questions

  1. What is VW's SWOT in India? Do you agree with VW’s segmentation strategy? Why?
  2. Do you agree with VW’s corporate brand positioning? Do you agree with VW’s positioning with respect to the other two brands in the VW group’s portfolio in India – Volkswagen, Skoda, and Audi? How can VW avoid cannibalization?
  3. How would you rate VW’s message strategy? Critically analyze the various campaigns. How does VW India advertising compare with its global advertising? How would you rate VW’s public rations (PR), dealer, and product portfolio strategy?
  4. How would you rate VW’s performance? Can VW be among the top three brands?
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