Team Building Presentation


BACKGROUND: As a hospital administrator, you have been tasked to increase the effectiveness of your organization through better use of your employees, both individually and in teams. Now you along with your colleagues will present the team's research to your hospital board. This presentation will allow you to consider a team building approach and analyze the roles that individuals and teams play in organizations.

Preparing for the Assessment

Research employee and team development examples and approaches. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality.

Assessment Deliverable


Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you will cover the CONTENT items listed below. The slides should be bulleted points only. The details must be in paragraph format in the speaker notes.

Include a title slide to introduce yourself. The title slide and reference slides do not count in the total number of slides. To meet scholarly writing requirements, you must cite at least 3 sources and format the in-text citations and references according to APA guidelines. Include the APA formatted citations in the speaker notes. Then include the corresponding reference on the reference slide at the end of your presentation.


  • Explain the responsibilities of an individual and a team within an organization. 
  • Compare how individuals and teams can be used effectively in an organization.
  • Describe the 5 phases of group development.
  • Explain strategies a company can implement to build and maintain individual and team performance (e.g., individual motivation and team accolades).
  • Compare how your approach would change if you were working with an individual or a group.

Once you complete the Microsoft® PowerPoint®, you will need to convert it to a PDF with the speaker notes visible. This is not a regular conversion. You must follow the instructions in the document below to convert it correctly (See directions below).

  • CONVERSION DIRECTIONS: Change the format of the PPT to PDF with speaker notes visible. The directions are very specific and not your usual conversion. See the YouTube video link link below or download the document below to learn how to convert a PPT to PDF for the instructor to see the speaker notes.  Save PowerPoint as PDF with speaker notes - YouTube.
  • A 10% reduction in points will be applied if the PPT is not converted to a PDF with the speaker’s notes visible. To ensure the conversion was correctly performed, open the PDF to see if you can see the slides and the speaker notes under each slide. If so, you can submit the document. If not, review the directions attached and convert it again. 


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