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Module 3: Proposal Revision and Formatting the Paper Overview (Read First)

This module will require intense focus on your proposal.  It is important to pay close attention to the guidelines set forth by the Graduate School and your respective department within the School of Education.  

Please review the APA guidelines for formatting your paper. In EDUC 5010, you started developing your paper using the 7th edition of the APA Manual.  In this course, you will use the 7th edition of APA as you complete your paper this semester.  In order to help you review the proposal development process, I will post PowerPoint resources from the EDUC 5010 course text for your review.  Additional resources will also be available to guide you in revising your proposals (Chapters 1-3).  Please make sure you have converted the language in chapters one (1) and three (3) to past tense.  

Resources will be posted to assist you with formatting the paper and polishing your proposals.  Feedback will be provided on your proposals, chapters 1-3. We will schedule one-on-one feedback conferences to discuss chapters 1-3 of your proposals within the next two weeks if needed. Make all recommended changes and edits in a different color font so that we are able to track and follow the evidence to support the changes made to the document.  Your revised documents will be reviewed, and additional changes may be recommended.  Please include all components of each chapter and also submit your reference list with additional resources that you may have added to your paper during the revision process.  

NOTE: When you submit drafts of your paper, please include your name as the running head.  We will be able to delete this later in the semester.  Also when you submit your document, please save your file using your last name.first name.title of your paper format (Example: Johnson.Kamden.COVID-19 and Schools).  Your paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file in order to receive feedback.  Please do not submit pdf files as feedback cannot be documented directly in the paper with these types of files.

Reminder of what needs to be included in the revised proposal.

Chapter 1 is the introduction and should include the following components.

INTRODUCTION • Background • Theoretical Framework - Statement of the Problem - Research Questions - Rationale (purpose) for the Study • Significance • Definition of Terms • Limitations of the Study

Chapter 2 is the review of related literature and should include the following components.


· An Introduction

· Overview of the Context of Literature

· Connections to the Literature

· Summary 

· Transition to Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is the methodology section of your paper and should include the following components.


· An Introduction

· Design

· Setting and Participants (including Sampling Methods, IRB requirements)

· Data Collection (how data will be collected and what kind will be collected)

· Treatment of the Data (what will be done with the data after it is collected; where it will be stored/archived?)

· Implications for Future Research (a summary of the kind of treatment/outcomes expected depending upon outcome results)

· Summary