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 Project Management Style Term Paper Instructions: The most important aspect of this course will be a survey comparison report comparing and contrasting Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and Strategic project management styles to each other in your paper. For each project management style excluding Waterfall, how would the software development process have changed if that style had been applied to last semester’s project. Discuss the potential risks and rewards of utilizing each project management style to your previous semester’s team project. Briefly describe and outline how you would have approached last semester’s team project with each of these styles (Agile, Strategic, Scrum). What are the key advantages and disadvantages of each project management style? What are the key differences between each style? How are each of these project management styles applied to software engineering projects today? Cite some scholarly or industry related case studies that apply these project management styles to software engineering projects. This includes white papers, conference papers, journal articles, or industry reports. Your term paper should include references from at least 5 primary scholarly sources to support your comparisons of these project management styles and methodologies. Again, these sources should comprise more recently published scientific books, journal articles, conference papers, published technical reports and/or summaries, or any sources posted inside any of the respected scholarly databases accessible via the JSU Library or its online databases. If you have a questions as to the legitimacy of a source, then please ask me by e-mail anytime. Note that Wikipedia does not count as a legitimate source of scholarly work so please avoid using it. Also, please do not rely on your textbook as one of your five minimum primary sources on these project management styles should come from more recent scholarly works. Term Paper Specifications: The length of the term paper should comprise no more than 20 pages (doublespaced, 12 pt. font, left-aligned, Times New Roman) that includes a title page, a table of contents object (section headings with page numbers), the report body of your term paper neatly organized into appropriately formatted and named sections, and a References page organized in MLA format for your scholarly references. Note that while there is no minimum page limit, you will need to write your term paper with sufficient detail to cover these areas as befitting this graduate software engineering class. 

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