Smartphone Industry Businness Strategy


After a successful Phase I and using your professor’s feedback, analyze your Industry segment. An industry has sub-parts (segments). For example, if you look at the chemical industry, you will find sub-industries like Fertilizers, Pesticides, Paints, Varnishes, Organic chemicals, etc. Therefore, it is important to focus on the relevant industry segment.

Key component of Phase II paper:

  1. Demand & supply scenario - demand and supply are the primary factors governing any market. Hence, it becomes relevant to look into the demand-supply scenario for a segment of the industry by studying its past trends and forecasting outlook. You can do comparative analysis with other industry segments competing, in the same manner, to find out the economic health of the industry
  2. Competitive scenario – This is the most important step of any industry analysis. In this, you need to study the competitive scenario using Porter’s Five Forces Model. The model acts as the framework for industry analysis. The Porter’s model is extensively used while analyzing any industry –
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Supplier Power
  • Threat of Substitutes
  • Buyer Power
  • Degree of Rivalry
  1. Recent developments – Any industry analysis report isn’t just about studying the particular industry on a micro-level. The analyst needs to incorporate influencing factors at the macro-level. These macro-level factors include recent industrial developments, innovation in your industry analysis report, sector valuations, and global comparative valuation
  2. Summary
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