Suppose a researcher is investigating the measurement ability of a new device intended to read the freezing point of a chemical compound. The substance used in the investigation has a known freezing point of -24 degrees Celsius. The researcher conducted a series of 10 sample measurements of the freezing point, and the results are represented below. Which of the following statements about the device with regards to its precision and potential bias are true?  Measurement  Freezing Point (degrees Celsius)  1  -26  2  -18  3  -32  4  -31  5  -24  6  -24  7  -24  8  -24  9  -11  10  -37   The device seems to be relatively imprecise, as most of the observations vary about the true freezing point.   The device is, however, relatively unbiased, since there are quite a few observations that capture the true freezing point.   Both A and B are correct.   None of the statements are correct.

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