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Instructor’s feedback

Lots of great ideas here! Nice job including Part 4 of the assignment (what new information could get you to change your mind about the argument?). However, it is not clear in the draft exactly what that information would be. That is something to be more clear about in the revisions. Also, I don't see the three required sections mentioned in the assignment. You may add three sections at the end and resubmit your draft: "1. Describe what you still need to do, and give a brief explanation of what you intend to put in the incomplete sections (if there are any). 2. Ask 2-3 specific questions of the Peer Reviewers about things you need help with to improve your paper. 3. Provide honest reflections on the draft: what you need help with, or wish you could have done better, things you wanted to include but didn’t have space, or simply things you are still thinking about." You may resubmit your draft with your reflections included at the end for additional points.