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  1. STOP: Have you watched the Week 2 videoDo not continue to the assignment until this is complete.    ASSIGNMENT Step 1: Brainstorm: Think about your field of study as a master's student. Use one of the two methods taught in Week 2 and find two news articles that report on relevant problems related to the industry associated with your master's degree program (you can think about scandals or major issues reported in headlines within the last 5 years). Come up with two proposals using the format in the attachment below in a simple Word document; no need for APA 7 basics yet.   STOP!!! TO FIND YOUR ARTICLES, YOU MUST USE PP. 2-3 IN THE FOUNDATIONS TEXT IN COURSE RESOURCES FOLDER on the CONTENT page.  You may also use the Monroe College databases: (1) LOG INTO MYMONROE; (2) paste the following link and search!   Step 2: Proposal with Research Question:  You will propose TWO research questions using the attached template directly below. Please fill it out and submit it here. Issue_problem proposal template.docx I will APPROVE ONE of the proposals to be explored throughout the semester.  Grading: Issue/Problem 1 = 50 pts Issue/Problem 2 = 50 pts
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