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For this assignment, you will submit an edited version of the research proposal that was the final project for PSY 510. Editing and incorporating feedback are two of the key skills that researchers need to master in order to produce high-quality writing. Indeed, all peer-reviewed articles have been written and rewritten many times; they are never completed in only one draft! Rather than merely submitting the same version of the assignment that you submitted in PSY 510, it is important that you edit and improve the paper based on the feedback provided by your PSY 510 instructor. In addition to that feedback, please also refer to the Milestone One Guidelines PDF document. It is OK to make changes to your research question, hypothesis, or research methods, but please clear any substantial changes such as completely changing the problem statement with your instructor. This assignment is graded pass/fail based upon completion. In order to receive credit and instructor feedback, you will need to submit your paper here for grading.

Instructor Feedback to be addressed:

1- Interesting theories you have mentioned

2- APA errors

3- Your hypothesis, although very interesting, is not in testable statistical terms

4- It is highly unlikely that one variable (childhood maltreament) may cause another varaible (criminal behavior).

5- Literature Review: Research Designs: Identifies different research designs used to generate knowledge on the topic and describes how they differ, but description has gaps in accuracy or detail

6- Research Question and Hypothesis: Hypothesis: Creates a hypothesis based on the research question and research around the topic, but does not explain the extent to which the research supports the hypothesis, hypothesis is not testable, or explanation has gaps in detail or accuracy