project management


This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. Evaluate current issues in project management and its application in the business environment.

2. Critically evaluate different tools and techniques used in project management

3. Assess the impact of hard and soft skills on the management of a variety of different projects.

first task is to prepare a project initiation document (2300 words), drawing on appropriate project management theory and frameworks, to present to the company’s board of directors for approval. The plan should consider the following aspects of the project:

· The project’s scope

· An initial assessment of stakeholders and recommendations on how these stakeholders should be managed to maximise the chance of achieving the project’s objectives.

· An initial assessment of risks and opportunities presented by the project and the response strategies proposed.

· An outline project plan (Gantt chart) showing the main tasks and significant milestones, supported by a justification of your proposed approach. The Gantt chart needs to show a minimum of 10 tasks.

· There is no need for you to prepare an outline business case and project budget, as this will be prepared by a colleague, based on the Gantt chart and budgetary estimates.

· The design of your project initiation document should take into consideration both the soft and hard skills necessary to ensure the project’s success.

Please check all documents, follow the requirements finish the coursework!!!!!!!

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