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Discussion forums due 2/7/2024 at 9pm

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Week 5 Discussion Forums

HSE 450:

· Explain the four waves of terrorism and how they occur.

· Explain the three goals that differentiate religious and secular radicalization.

HSE 460: European Legal System

Let's discuss the European legal system this week.  

First, define the two legal traditions in Europe (common law and code law (also known as civil law).  Next, compare/contrast the European judicial system to that of the United States (you can pick a particular European country if that works better for you). 

This article from Berkeley will help summarize both systems.  Keep in mind: Your text refers to "code law," and the article refers to code law as "civil law."  It's the same thing:


HSE 470:

This week, we're moving on to Nigeria.

· Explain the political turmoil in Nigeria and the influence this turmoil can have on extremism and terrorism (consider regional and socioeconomic conditions).

· Briefly describe the inadequacy of the traditional counter-terrorism lens.



Discussion forum participation will be graded using the following criteria:

4 points

5 points

Engagement / Interaction

N/A - no points are available for this criterion

engaged in a meaningful and relevant dialog with  two or more peers


N/A - no points are available for this criterion

participated on  two or more days

Content / Topic Relevance

discussion forum contributions very often addressed the main topic

discussion forum contributions always addressed the main topic


N/A - no points are available for this criterion

responded to main topic the day of the first post due date

Content / Topic Knowledge

displays a very good understanding of the material

displays an excellent understanding of the material