management project due April 1


Students will submit a written analysis of a selected Management topic.   3 - 5 pages in length.  The title page, abstract and work cited pages do not contribute to the length. The paper may be submitted in MLA or APA format. The paper should be grammatically correct and free from typographical and spelling errors.  There will be at a minimum of three (3) different references, (wikipedia and is not an acceptable reference). Footnotes and bibliography, must be presented in MLA or APA format.


  • Organizations as Open Systems
  • Measuring Job Satisfaction
  • Techniques for Changing Employee Attitudes
  • The Role of Non-work Activities in Work Behavior
  • Implications of Selective Perception for the Communication Model
  • Pay Secrecy and Employee Motivation
  • Choosing Between Individual and Group Decision Making: A Manager's Guide
  • Defense Mechanisms and Employee Behavior
  • The Contribution of the Hawthorne Studies to the Study of Management
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Committee Decision Making
  • Methods for Overcoming resistance to Change
  • the Impact of Automation and Repetitive Tasks on Workers
  • Defining and Understanding Conflict, Cooperation, and Competition
  • Differences Between Male and Female Leadership Styles
  • "Discipline": A Dirty Word in the 2000s?
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Organizations
  • Managing Interdepartmental Conflicts
  • Is There a Decline in the Motivation to Manage?
  • The Changing Work Force: Implications for Management
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • The Changing Work Force: Impact on Human resource Management
  • The Application of Quantitative Management Theories
  • The Role of Labor Unions in the 2000s
  • Business Ethics: "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them do Unto You" verses "Do it Before Someone Else Does"
  • Organizational Behavior Modification
  • Designing Effective Work Teams
  • Managing Resistance to Organizational Change
  • Ethical and Legal Obligations of Members of Boards of Directors
  • Ways of Determining Effective Spans of Control
  • Total Quality Management: Is it working?
  • A Study of Employee Relations in a U.S. Based Japanese-Owned Factory
  • A Review of the Japanese Concept of Lifetime Employment and the Employment of Women in Japanese Organizations
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