Literature Food and beverage assignment



Your project involves effectively summarizing your efforts in operating the #FIUBISTRO.

Total project and presentation point value of 20 points(10 points for each of 2 parts):

Part 1 Assignment

Summary PowerPoint/Prezzi of the semester’s operations

  1. Front and Back of House Summary=Organization and Operating Structure – Key Roles & Responsibilities

Dedicate a minimum of 1 slide each to discuss

a)Front of House Operations

b)Back of House Operations

c)Successes and opportunities

Answer the following questions in each of your first two summaries: How was your team organized? Who did what? What were the key roles and responsibilities? What was timing of a typical service?

In the third summary slide: share what you feel was most successful and what we should do more of. Share what you would have done differently if you took the class again? What improvements can be made to improve the overall guest experience? If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

  1. Marketing & Communication – Provide a recap of the marketing plan, and how successful you believe the efforts would be. How would you determine whether those efforts were successful if an event was actually run from your plan? After revisiting your marketing plan, is there anything that you would change? What, and why?
  2. Feedback System. Great restaurants are asking for guest feedback to ensure they can measure their successes and their opportunities. If we don’t measure our services, we cannot effectively manage and improve upon them. Based on your experience researching customer reviews, what action plans would you have and put in place for #FIUBISTRO to engage with customers, and their feedback? Who would be responsible for the components of your plan?
  3. Financial Summary. Use the provided template to summarize the financials of the FIU Bistro operations highlighting the main components of a typical operating statement. This is only a template and must be updated in full with numbers and explanations from the files provided in class for past assignments. *See the menu analysis homework. Ensure you identify sales, food costs, labor costs, and a detail line item of all the other expenses. The financial summary should highlight explanations and detail on how each financial component was calculated. We have guest sales actual from previous semesters' service days and we have estimated labor and “other” costs that you have forecasted in your previously submitted homeworks. Use a 30% Product cost estimate and forecast/estimate all other expenses. What were the financial successes and what were the opportunities? If you could do it again, what would you do differently?
  4. Bistro Financials template.xlsx Download Bistro Financials template.xlsx 

Additional tips for slides:

  • Ensure you have a title slide, table of contents, slides that separate sections, reference slide if needed, and a thank you slide
  • Ensure you use pictures and graphics(especially when summarizing guest feedback), limiting long paragraphs in the slides
  • Make sure your slides are legible with consistent sizing of font. Make sure your words are legible.
  • Spell, grammar check and proof-read your slides
  • Minimum slide count of 10 not including title, reference, section separators, and thank you slides. 10 slides of Content.
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