journal 2


Complete the Journal Assignment.

a.  Read the online definition for the use of light in painting at:

b.  Explore the Chicago tourism site at to discover how the city is marketed as a commodity.

c.  Think: Opening our minds to the personal situations and the experiences of others helps us interpret their art. The art of a liberated slave might differ drastically from that of a wealthy, amateur painter. Use this week’s Journal Assignment to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, utilizing the methods of looking learned last week.

d.  There are art works that depict different aspects of life and different uses of light. Look at both these images to see how light affects mood and ideals.

i.  Rosa Bonheur (French, 1822–1899), The Horse Fair

ii.  Honoré Daumier (French, 1808–1879), Third Class Carriag: After reading the online definition for the use of light in painting, viewing the City of Chicago Tourism Website, and looking at the suggested art examples, choose a city, town, mall, or airport that you would like to investigate. On your walk, you will need some means of documentingg your discoveries such as a camera, sketchbook, and/or paperr for writinggg thoughts. Your objective is to go beyond the familiar and realize details you have previously missed or likely would have overlooked such as the use of light, the situation of those around you, the ideals of the setting. Create interesting compositions through the camera lens and add at least one photo to your paperrr. Be sure to alternate walking with moments of paused reflection (sit on a bench for a few minutes). Take yourself outside of your normal perspective and see things as others might see them—for example, an ant, a bird, a displaced person, an excavator, a cop, or a peddler.

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