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**Remember to give you're posting an actual title (not "Forum 7") so readers can tell which topic you chose to write about.  

Select one topic below to write about in your own words for your posting (8-12 complete sentences).

Topic Option One--Telemedicine
If you used telemedicine at least once during the past two years, write about that from your own experience.  Why did you use telemedicine?  What happened?  Was the use that you made of telemedicine effective--why or why not?  What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine?
Topic Option Two--Virtual ShadowingComplete at least one virtual shadowing experience at www.prehealthshadowing.com or virtualshadowing.com  that relates either to your chosen health professional or to another health profession that you are considering.  There are things that cannot be replicated in a virtual experience.  Comment in your posting on what was and was not practical/useful in the virtual shadowing that you did.  How could that virtual shadowing be improved for other users who for whatever reason cannot complete in-person shadowing?
Topic Option Three--Beyond FacebookInvestigate Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram as possible tools for teaching/learning medical terminology.  In your posting of 8-12 complete sentences, share one or more things you found on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram that you think could be useful teaching/learning tools for medical terminology and explain why in your own words. Include the URL for each item that you write about in your posting so that other students may find the items.  

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