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Be sure to FULLY support your argument with historical information in a multi-paragraph work with a minimum of 300 words (include introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.)

Follow English grammar standards and rules, using use college-level language.

Use Times New Roman and size 12 font. Double-space your work


Minimum of 2 credible, scholarly sources.

Please make use of your textbook.

DO Not use .com, .net. or .orgs

Do Not use Wikipedia

Do not use an encyclopedia as one of your major sources. These are compilations, not a scholarly source.

You can use .edu and .gov

I strongly encourage you to use EbscoHost.

Read the instructions above and answer the question below in MLA format 2 pages excluding work cited page i need it in 24 hours.

   How did the wartime experiences of African Americans contribute to the drive for greater civil rights after the war? 

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