Group Project-Methods 

Make sure to describe the study design for your research project, your data source, the demography that your research, which is your study population. Describe the analysis methods that you conducted to answer your research question. 

The Method section should include these subsections (study design, data source, settings, analysis, and ethical considerations)

Example of Method section: http://evc-cit.info/psych018/example_method_section.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Please refer back to the research question you did the Introduction on SMART Goals Project for Expanding Business in NC  area using referral Base 


How to Expand Business in NC area using referral Base. 

We will meet at least 15 new people out of our immediate circle in a week and measure our progress by how many new clients we register while maintaining our current client base (Zhu, et al. 2020). We will ask our adjacent circle for referrals, launch a social media marketing campaign, and network with other local businesses (Dose, et al. 2019). will have additional clients in our business which will grow our business due to the increased revenue we collect. This will enable us to have at least ten new clients every month.

We will offer our expertise and assistance to our clients which will reciprocate to us when we ask for their help for three months. This will give us successful referrals when our current clients are willing to refer their networks to us (Zhu, et al. 2020). Additional clients will help our business to be well established and ahead of our competitor within a period of four months. We will also thank and recognize our current business referral network by writing them emails and calling them twice a week to appreciate their support (Watts, et al. 2021). This will motivate them to make more referrals and will lead to our business growth in six weeks where we will be able to receive at least ten new clients weekly.

Finally, we will research for all events How to Expand Business in NC area using referral Base. 

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