Graduate Professional Experience


Journal Entry # 1 

  1. State ONE Objective or Task or Goal you have been charged with thus far
    1. Use the SMART acronym to identify the aspects of the goal
    2. For each parameter of the SMART acronym
    • State what the letter of the acronym stands for
    • State one SMART objective
    • Provide one answer/plan for the objective(1 point)
    • I want you to provide a real life work situation – not a generic description. Your example should reveal to me the types of duties &responsibilities you are engaged in

    • OBJECTIVE:As you know - the policies of any institution is crucial to employee performance.The focus of Week # 2 can be considered equivalent to the HR necessities of the workplace. The assignment is focused on the syllabus, course requirements, tentative schedule and course expectations
    • 4.Submit your assignment as a Power Point Presentation
    • Maximum 7 slides including the title slide
    •  o Slides beyond the maximum permitted will not be read or graded
    • Use one slide to address each parameter
    • Use a bullet format
    • Be sure all the content is easy to read
    • Be mindful of bold backgrounds; difficult to read fonts and font size 
    • Be sure to use correct spelling and grammar
    • Academic integrity is always in effect and your submission should be your own work specific to your internship experience
    • 5. Title Slide – Label accordingly
    •  23/Spring - Course Number-Section Number
    •  Week # – Name of Activity
    •  Name
    •  Due Date:
    • 6. Grading Rubric – 5 points per slide 
       o Identification of the parts of the acronym               1 point
       o State the SMART objective                                           2 points
       o Provide an answer/plan for the objective                1point
       o Adherence to format, correct spelling & grammar     1point
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