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Write at least four strong sentences for each discussion.


Discussion 1

Dialogue is one of the key elements in dramatic writing. Without voice, a play becomes a mime. Dialogue is also a considerable challenge as each character must have a unique voice. As a creative writer, how do you go about creating voices for your characters?

Discussion 2


Discuss what J.J Abram says about what has inspired him over the years. What has inspired you? Why?


Discussion 3

Respond to students posts.


The connection to a dialogue for me are that of the characters themselves. When a character in a book is speaking that becomes the dialog. So when we have one character with a monotone dialogue we understand who that character is as per another character who is charismatic and full of energy we could almost see it and hear it four ourselves as readers. When we write for plays or even books we decide as the writer what and how there character will be and say. Anywhere from a 5 year old little girl to a 99 year old man dialogue is involved.



When it comes to giving my characters life, I look at each one individually. I draw on my imagination, experiences and the personality I want to portray.  The voice is more than the dialect; it is the body of the person.  I believe a well-developed voice can give vision to a character.  I once read a book and I can't remember who wrote it, or the title but I do remember the main character.  She was uneducated, promiscuous in her behavior but cautious and fears in the protection of her children.

Discussion 4

Write 4 sentences on screenplay.

Discussion 5 

Desire + Danger = Tension

Let's discuss this by first explaining the formula in our own words. Next, let's try to create a few examples of our own to help illustrate how we can create tension in our own work. 

Discussion 6

How is education like a play

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