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Write an analytical essay in which you explain and develop one important idea that you have found in your reading and writing process that is interesting to you and to which you can relate by experience or the experience of someone you know or have read about. From your list of ideas, choose one to focus on and upon which to build your essay.  Include quotes from the essay to support your idea; explain the quotes in your own words.  Then include an experience from your life or the life of someone you know or have read or heard about. Be specific as you explain the experience. Explain how the experience is similar to the essay in the The Norton Reader.

  • Your essay….


  • should include a carefully developed thesis statement; i.e., a controlling idea.
  • discuss and explain the important main ideas from the original essay from which you’ve drawn inspiration and support.
  • incorporate your author letter in some way (but you decide how).  
  • include quotes and references to the essay. You may include references to other essays and sources as well – books, movies, TV. shows, etc.
  • use MLA documentation, including parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list. Consult Keys for Writers about MLA citation style and documentation, as well as grammatical clarification.
  • should be a 750-1,000 words (3-4 pages) long, typed, double-spaced pages (when finished – earlier drafts may be shorter). Use Times New Roman font, #12.
  • Should be carefully edited for errors. Proofread and spell check, as usual.

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