a. Develop a paperrr based on the ideas presented in this course. Be sure to read Chapters 15 and 16. For Part I:

i. What do you feel is society’s most successful cultural good? 

ii. What is it and why do you feel it is successful?

iii. Please use the standard critique model (describe, analyze, interpret, and judge) to justify the selection.

b. For Part II:

i. Within our lives, we have circles of influence and ways by which we are co-creators with God. What is your area of influence? 

ii. What do you do or create to make culture?

iii. With whom are you sharing your cultural power?

iv. Is your transformation keeping pace with the cultural power you have been given? 

v. Relate your response to at least three of the following ideas presented in the text: humility, community, calling, grace, pride, failure, hope, and pain. 4-5 pagesss

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