Exploratory Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics



Project #1

Market Capitalization and Profit by Sector. The file Fortune500Sector contains data on the profits, market capitalizations, and industry sector for a recent sample of firms in the Fortune 500. LO 5

  1. Differentiating observations by using a different color      for each industry sector, prepare a scatter chart to show the relationship      between the variables Market Capitalization and Profit in which Market      Capitalization is on the vertical axis and Profit is on the horizontal      axis.
  2. Emphasize the relationship between Market      Capitalization and Profit within the healthcare sector by formatting all      other sectors with data points in gray with no fill. Create a trendline      based only on the observations in the healthcare sector. What does the      trendline indicate about this relationship between Market Capitalization      and Profit within the healthcare sector?

Project #2

Business Graduate Salaries. In the file MajorSalary, data have been collected from 111 College of Business graduates on their monthly starting salaries. The graduates include students majoring in management, finance, accounting, information systems, and marketing.

  1. Create a PivotChart to display the number of graduates      in each major. Which major has the largest number of graduates?
  2. Create a PivotChart to display the average monthly      starting salary for students in each major. Which major has the highest      average starting monthly salary?

Project #3

 Write a summary on Predictive Analytics for a minimum of 850 to 900 words  

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