ECORE/GO VIEWUnit 7- Public Speech Assignment (LO12) Topic is on Ban Smoking in all public places




LO12: Observe and utilize the recommended strategies for developing, delivering, and evaluating effective public presentations.


Instructions on how to complete the Public Speech assignment are listed in the attached file. Also attached is the self-evaluation form. Submit the self-evaluation form and speech by the deadline posted in the course calendar.

Deliverables for this assignment

  • Self Evaluation --->Attach the document by clicking on "Add a File" under the submission area
  • Speech Video ---> Attach the video by clicking on "Add a File" under the submission area.  Read Tips for Recording and Uploading Videos for information to record and resize your video. 
  • This speech must be recorded in front of an adult audience.   To earn full credit in this area you must speak in front of at least 4 live/virtual audience members.  Your camera person can count as one of your four audience members. 
    • Please have a camera person scan the audience in the room and those watching through a computer screen before you begin. DO NOT turn the camera off between the time that you scan your audience and you begin the speech. Once you have begun, please be sure to keep the camera on you during the ENTIRE presentation. Treat the camera as if it were an audience member. In other words, look into the camera the same amount of time that you look at other audience members.

You will receive a 10-point penalty for each audience member not in attendance.

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