1.  https://youtu.be/ncYMV4DXCMU
  2. Life Experiences Survey
  3. Interview your family members about the stress-related disease you are at risk for.
  4. article on stress and that disease 
  5. 5. Questionnaire 


  • Do modern lifestyles create more stress for you than in the past? How so?
  • How do you create stress in your own life?
  • How could you change the nature of our society to make it less stressful?
  • It could be said that some stress comes from leading "out-of-balance" lives. What can people do to "keep it simple"? Furthermore, in what ways can individuals control the stressors they will encounter beforehand?
  • How could you change the way in which you interact with your school demands or your work demands to change the amount of stress that you feel?
  •  how you can improve your health and longevity in light of your findings on this assignment, your understanding of stress, and your knowledge of your family history. This should be your final page
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