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Are there other forms of the Caste System

In South Asia, the caste system divides society into a social hierarchy.  Traditionally, a person is born into a caste, which cannot be changed.  It affects nearly all aspects of daily life.

  • All human groups have deeply ingrained concepts of relative social status.  Consider the caste system in South Asia as well as social differentiation in your own society.
    • Does the society you live in have anything that resembles the caste system (think about race, gender, location, occupation etc.)?  What are the possible categories in your area?
    • How is "caste" indicated (think about clothes, hairstyle, body decorations, manner of speaking, material possessions, gender, religion, etc.)?
    • What caste would you fit into?
    • What affect does this caste have on your everyday living?
  • Many South Asians have converted from Hinduism to other religions to escape this caste system.  Would you be willing to change your belief system?
  • Faith Integration:  What are your thoughts as to how the Gospel addresses this issue of caste systems?
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