Data Warehousing Scenario



Consider you are working for a global organization and it has well established Data warehouses in each region(North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America). These 4 regional DWs support both Top and operational management needs including but not limited to year over analysis including quarterly and yearly results. It also supports operational managers with day to day reports on sales by product, product category, sales region, customer and by Sales managers. Sales data is captured every day in delta mode. Note that these regional DWs were designed and developed by regional IT teams with consideration their reginal needs. 

Due to the nature of business, you have hundred thousand customers and over a million parts(products). So, Product dimension is one of the biggest dimensions. All master data related to customer, product, sales region are managed in global SAP system(OLTP).  

Each regional sales fact table holds over a trillion records. Two out of 4 regions are using global SAP system as source system for product sales while two other regions are using different local ERP solutions.  


Now, you are challenged by global management to have one single Analytic solution that will allow the management to have a global analysis with a flexibility to drill down into regional daily sales by product, customer. 

Given the fact you have one of the larger dimension and very large regional sales data, what is your design strategy to support global vision with regional focus Analytic solution? Explain your answer with a clear explanation of your assumptions.   

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