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Assignment Research a scholarly paper or professional video on "Databases, Warehouses and Advanced Data Management Systems" and reflect on only one (1) of the following topics: "DM Types": What determines the type of data management system being used? "Importance": How important is the data management system in conducting systems analysis and design? "SA": What is the role of the Systems Analyst in proposing new data management solutions NOTE: You must copy and paste the topic ("DM Types" or "Importance" or "SA") at the start of your paper to provide a context for your answer. This paper must be between 250-300 words on what caught your eye and reflect on what you read. Do not add extraneous text that does not address the question - do not add an introduction or conclusion. Do not copy and paste text from the referenced resource. You must provide at least one APA reference for your resource and corresponding in-text citations.. You must provide the referenced resource URL/DOI in the APA reference. Do not use the Textbook as a referenced resource. =========================================================================================================================== When submitting work, be sure to include an APA cover page and include at least one APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the work this week. All work must be original (not copied from any source). 1-word document/250-300 words Scholarly Articles and use Reference Course TextBook for concepts APA 7 format, with in-text citation Please attach Plagiarism report =========================================================================================================================== Reference Course TextBook Title: Systems Analysis and Design ISBN: 9780134817378 Authors: Kenneth E. Kendall, Julie E. Kendall Publisher: Pearson Publication Date: 2018 Edition: 10th ED. APA : Kendall, K. E., & Kendall, J. E. (2018). Systems Analysis and Design (10th ed.). Pearson Education (US).