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The information will be gathered from Wisdom High School In Houston ISD. 

This portfolio will include a collection of sample public relations publications and other resources/documents/artifacts relating primarily to your school (district, state and national level documents also can be used). You will collect these resources/documents/artifacts throughout the course of the assignment. The sources can be school newsletters, flyers, posters, daily announcements, newspaper articles, press releases, parent surveys, report card samples, certificates, school profiles, reports to parents, monthly calendars, student newspapers, excerpts from school web sites, etc. You will select five of these resources to critique. Your portfolio document should include a table of contents, which sequentially lists the items in your portfolio, noting which items are critiqued. A minimum of 20 items should be in your collection. Organize your table of contents based on artifact categories/topics (e.g., parent letters, announcements to teachers, district memos, newsletters, etc.). The five critiqued items will include subheadings with explanations concerning: a) title and purpose of the artifact, b) intended audience, c) strengths of the item, d) weaknesses of the item, and e) your recommendations to improve the item. Each written critique should be between one and two pages in length. Each of the critiques should include at least one unique scholarly reference, other than the course texts (although you may add the course texts), that provide insights related to effective public relations. 

Use APA style 6th Edition, in your narrative and reference page. 

I have attached a sample. 

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