CJS405 IND Project



Your Unit 5 Research Methods paper is a culmination of everything you researched about your selected topic in Criminal Justice. You will now synthesize your collected information from your Unit 4 problem statement and Annotated Bibliography. That means you will provide your personal assessment in a professional analysis research paper. Here is your roadmap:

  • Unit 4 DB – You wrote a problem statement and described the issue.
  • Unit 4 IP – You conducted research by creating 5 Annotated Bibliographies.
  • Unit 5 IP – You will now use your Unit 4 Annotated Bibliography to create your Literature Review. You will include a title page, an introduction to the problem, a topic analysis, a conclusion and a reference page See below for detailed information on how to write your Unit 5 Literature Review – and how to format your paper.

Here is a basic outline for you to follow for your Unit 5 Research Methods paper:

  • Title Page –

APA formatted.

  • Introduction to the Problem –  – This is where you discuss the issues or problems in your chosen topic. You may reuse your DB4 problem statement for this part of your research paper, as long as you make any applicable updates, based upon your research – and edit it so that it is not longer than 1 page.
  • Literature Review – – This is where you discuss or write about background information that you discovered when you completed your 5 Annotated Bibliographies in Unit 4. Do not copy-and-paste your Annotated Bibliography into your research paper. Instead, write in paragraph form, about the information that you discovered and documented in your Annotated Bibliography. Specifically, in your literature review, you will discuss what those authors wrote about in their articles. 
  • Topic Analysis –  – This is where you present your own personal, professional and scholarly analysis about your topic, which is based on all of your research.
  • Conclusion – – This is where you present your final conclusions and recommendations on how to mitigate or possibly solve the research problem(s) that were identified.
  • Reference Page – APA formatted.
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