Chief Transportation Officer


 The Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) is an organizational position that is gaining recognition within many organizations. You will explore the CTO's role, which is a relatively new type of leadership position. 1`

  • Develop an introduction informing your audience of the purpose of the assignment.
  • Define the role and function of the CTO.
  • Explain how a CTO can help an organization with change initiatives.
  • Analyze how using an ethically focused approach can benefit the CTO when leading organizational members through change processes.
  • Explain some of the disadvantages or limitations of the CTO position.
  • Describe how an organization’s employment of a CTO is different than the “Changing from the Middle” approach (mentioned in Chapter 12 of the course textbook).
  • Complete the assignment by developing a conclusion that restates the main points in your assignment.
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