Case Study 4: Negotiation



Part 1a Directions:

Please read through both files of the Negotiating About Pandas at the San Diego Zoo case (provided above). Please respond to the following questions, writing 1-2 paragraphs for each question. If it is easier, you can attach/upload a Word doc with your responses.

Your responses to the questions for Parts 1a and 1b are due 4/24 by 11:59 pm.

  1. Who are the main stakeholder groups involved in the negotiation, and what are their primary interests? (this can be a table or list)
  2. What are the main agenda items for negotiation? Which items would be the highest priority for each side? What issues will be toughest for Myers to resolve?
  3. What is each respective side’s bargaining position? In other words, what are their points of leverage?
  4. What are viable alternatives to each of these groups’ interests (their BATNA-Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement)? Does each group have a relatively favorable BATNA? 

Part 1b Directions:

Please respond to the following questions using the perspective of your primary DiSC style. Each response should be 1-2 paragraphs long.

  1. Remember, using the perspective of YOUR primary leadership style, develop a communication strategy (point of departure, talking points, etc.) for your assigned stakeholder group. Group assignments can be found below.
    1. How might you persuade a counterpart in negotiating this situation?
    2. How might they react?
    3. What are the costs and benefits of your strategy?
  2. Pretend the CWCA demands that San Diego pays for the entire conservation program and has unfettered control over the use of those funds. If you were Myers -and using the perspective of your primary leadership style-, how would you respond?
  3. How would your responses to the above two questions be similar to or different from how you would actually respond?
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