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EDL 6200 – Internship in School Administration

Professor: Dr. Dylan G. Solice


PSEL Standard 10: School Improvement

· Effective educational leaders act as agents of continuous improvement to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

Principal Leadership

According to Green (2013), the processes used by school leaders and the skills needed to implement these processes are continuously changing.  Today's school leaders must address many challenges that are increasing in frequency, complexity, and intensity, demanding a new level of excellence from administrators and those in leadership roles.  

School leaders must connect standards, theories and research which are significantly different from the traditional expectations of past leaders. Today's school principal is not only a manager, but also an instructional leader.  The school leader must make student achievement and learning outcomes a top priority. School Improvement is on-going, and the Principal leads the charge!


During Week 12 of the internship experience and over the next few weeks, each candidate will analyze the daily schedules ( prior to the school closing) of the principal, examine the ethical decisions and practices that are part of the school leader's daily routines, and outline administrative duties related to curriculum and finance that will improve the school environment yielding increased academic results.


a. Prepare a comprehensive report outlining on-going school improvement for areas of CURRICULUM and FINANCE. Use the following sample format below or similar format: See Also a full SAMPLE in the Resources Section.

b. Submit a Campus Improvement Plan (see above sample) highlighting the areas of Curriculum and Finance showcasing the execution of the SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT experience.

c. Don’t re-invent the will. Your campus should already have a Campus/School Improvement Plan that will serve as a starting point.


Campus Goal 1: To Increase Student Achievement ( CURRICULUM)

Campus Objective 1.1: 70% of all students in the regular program for Grades 3-8 will pass the Reading, Math, Writing, U.S. History, and Science subtests of the 2019-2020 standard administration of the LEAP test, meeting the target for a C-rated School.

70% of all students in the regular program for Grades 9 and 10 will pass the English I, English II, Algebra I, and U.S. History subtests of the 2019-2020 standard administration of the LEAP EOC tests, meeting the target for a C-rated School.



Person(s) Responsible

Financial Implications/Resources


Title I Indicator(s)

Formative Measurement/

Summative Measurement

The Academic Curriculum Team (ACT)/Principal will disaggregate and analyze student test data to improve instruction and align content to LEAP targets




Testing and Logistics Coordinator

Test summaries and Reports


2, 8

Increase in student performance

Performance Reports