Building a Continuous Improvement Plan


  • Focus Area 1: Improve delivery of features as a team. The team feels that they could improve the way in which they can deliver features as a cohesive team rather than behaving like a group of individual generalists and specialists.
  • Focus Area 2: Catch defects earlier in the development process. The team is finding bugs in functionality from previous sprints rather than in the sprint in which the functionality is developed. This is causing the product backlog to become flooded with bug fix requests that are taking away developer time from developing new features and functionality.

Your task is to develop a continuous improvement plan based on the areas identified which proposes the adoption of a collaboration best practice. 


In your paper,

  • Discuss an effective collaboration best practice for each focus area identified.
  • Describe how one of the best practices will be implemented.
  • Identify how you will determine whether the best practice has resulted in an improvement or has adversely affected collaboration.
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