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Module 3 Biology DB

Your  research question from Discussion Board 2 must be approved by your instructor  before you can submit Discussion Board 3.

In Discussion Board 2, you and your classmates identified a number of articles related to your research question. For Discussion Board 3, you will take a more detailed look at one of those articles. All of the articles were found at This website summarizes primary research in a way that is more accessible to non-scientists. In Discussion Board 3, you will review the contents of the article, provide a detailed summary, and then analyze the information presented in the article. Follow the steps below:

1. Choose one article from Discussion Board 2 related to your research question. You can choose one of the articles that you found or one suggested by a classmate in their response to your initial post.

2. Carefully read the article and identify the following information:

3. HYPOTHESIS: What is the main question that the researchers investigated?

4. EXPERIMENT: What experiments (s) were conducted to answer their question.

5. RESULTS & ANALYSIS: What were the results of the experiments? What conclusions were drawn by the researchers and/or authors of the article based on the experimental results?

6. Write your Initial Post for Discussion Board 3 and submit by  March 15th, 2024. Your post should include the following information:

7. Remind the class of your Research Question and the Article Title

8. Summarize the HYPOTHESIS, EXPERIMENT, RESULTS, and ANALYSIS from your chosen article. Avoid directly quoting the article.

9. Relate the article to your chosen research question:

10. Which results are most relevant to your Research Question?

11. Explain how this article helps you to answer your Research Question.

12. After submitting your Initial Post for Discussion Board 3, you will complete 2 response posts. Submit your 2 response posts by  March 18th, 2024.

13. Your posts should include the following:

14. Based on the summary provided by your peer, which answer does your classmate's article best support? Explain your choice.

15. What misconceptions might a person have about this research question?

16. The information listed above has been organized into a singular document. Please download resource with the provided link  Discussion Board #3  (opens in a new window).