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Interview Project Plan

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Due: Week 2 in Assignments by Tuesday, 11:59pm

10% of course grade

For your interview project due in week four you will conduct an interview with person who has experienced a serious illness. This illness can be acute or chronic. Examples include but are not limited to cancer, multiple sclerosis, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), lupus, fibromyalgia, and congestive heart failure. You will interview this person using the eight questions proposed by Arthur Kleinman regarding the explanatory model of illness. 

These questions are:

1. What do you think has caused your illness?

2. Why do you think it started when it did?

3. What do you think your illness does inside your body?

4. How severe is your illness? Will it have a short or long course?

5. What kind of treatment did you think you should receive?

6. What are the most important results you hoped to receive from this treatment?

7. What are the chief problems your illness has caused you?

8. What do you fear most about your illness/treatment?

For the assignment due this week, you will begin by planning your interview.

Project Plan Requirements

Decide whom you will interview for your project (and why), and then submit a Project Plan:

1. The first paragraph of your plan should discuss who you will interview, and why you selected that person. You should also ensure that the person will be able to respond to the eight interview questions. You also should discuss how you plan to relate the interview to some of the medical anthropology information we will discuss in class.

2. The second paragraph should describe your how you plan to schedule and conduct the interview. You do not want to wait to do this at the last minute. Also, discuss a backup plan in case your first interview subject cannot do the interview. 

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