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Assessing Group Process
Racquel Walsh
Master of Social Work Walden University
SOCW 6121: Advanced Clinical Practice II
Dr. Mary Larscheid
December 19, 2021
Reflect on your experience so far in starting the Group Wiki Project.
Group work is something that is bound to occur, especially when working in a clinical
setting. Group work is needed for the treatment of a client as well as discharge planning. Without
group work, effective treatment for a client could be very difficult to do. It is for that very reason
that I find group work to be very important, especially in a clinical setting. As a social worker,
you can work together with other clinical professionals to provide treatment to an individual as a
team/group. Group work is also commonly seen in the school setting as well. Honestly, I am not
a big fan of group assignments or group projects, due to several bad experiences. Working in
groups in a school setting can be very challenging because of so many potential conflicts. Some
of those conflicts can be difficulty in finding a time that all group members are able to meet, not
getting along with some of the group members, group members not doing their part, and/or
group members not submitting their portion of the assignment on time. Luckily, I have had a
good experience being in a group with Caressa and Maria.
Describe how your group initiated contact and your level of comfort in working on a
project with a group online.
Caressa initiated contact by sending Maria and I an email asking what would be the best
method of communication. I suggested using “Group Me” to communicate, but we all decided,
in the end, to communicate via text message in a group chat. So far Caressa, Maria, and I have
met on Zoom video chat. During this meeting we discussed and assignment roles, who will do
what portion of the group assignment, the case scenario, as well meeting days and times. The
topic of our assignment will be “lack of discipline”. Together the three of us were able to put
together a great case scenario for that topic. So far Caressa and Maria seem to be very pleasant
ladies and at this moment I do not feel or see that there will be any issues or conflicts so because
of that on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, my comfort level is at a 10. I believe that if
the three of us stick to our timeline and continue to communicate well with one another there
will be no conflict or issues and we will have a great outcome with this group assignment.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of completing this project as a group.
There will be both advantages and disadvantages that will come with completing the
project as a group. Having two other individuals assist with completing an assignment that is a
huge portion of your grade and hearing and learning from other perspectives on a certain topic
are some advantages. One disadvantage is that Caressa lives in a different time zone than Maria
and I. Although it is only a one-hour time difference, that one hour does make a difference when
it comes to setting a time that is fair and convenient for everyone. Another disadvantage is the
possibility of having to pick up the slack of a group member, or a group not doing their portion
of the project correctly. However, with clear and open communication and support of one
another, I believe that those disadvantages can be avoided and there will not be a problem.
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