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I have heard of many different vitamins and supplements. I take various ones for various
reasons. I take iron, vitamin D, vitamin C, biotin, potassium, a multivitamin and most
recently I started taking vitamin B12. Previously I thought vitamins and supplements were a
waste of money and I did not take any. I read various reports on how you should get
enough vitamins from the food that you eat, and if you take supplements, it does not work
well, and they are not absorbed into your body. That all changed when I started having odd
medical issues such as unexplained dizziness, rapid heartbeat and palpitations, and just
generally not feeling well. I made several trips to the ER and had various heart tests
performed and the only thing that they could find was I was anaemic and was low on
potassium. So, I started taking iron and potassium supplements and a multivitamin. Shortly
after taking those supplements my medical issues went away. After this I knew from
personal experience that taking supplements and vitamins that your body is lacking do work
and works very well.
a a a I started taking vitamin C and vitamin D daily because I read that those vitamins were
helping to defend against Covid 19, and I work night shift, so I don’t get to see much of the
sun. I started taking biotin because I have very thin hair and nails and I read that this could
help with that so far, I have not seen much evidence on this supplement. Lastly, I recently
started taking B12 because I read that certain drugs you take can interfere with your
absorption for this nutrient, such as proton pump inhibitors and I take Omeprazole.
a a When I am investigating a supplement or vitamin, I try to read articles that are backed by
the government and not ones that are selling the vitamin or supplement. I learned a lot from
our readings this week on vitamin supplementation, and that it can harm you if you absorb
too much .There are many different vitamins such as Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K.
There are different forms of multi vitamins for women, men, and children as well as
prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. I do take multi vitamins. Not like I should, however
I base my information on the nutrient value. For example I deal with being anaemic, so
even though I wasn’t pregnant, I would take prenatal vitamins because for me it would help
me out more that regular iron or regular vitamins. I have also taken B Vitamins in liquid
form that would go under the tongue. B vitamins help out with energy and metabolism. I
believe the information is based in science nutrition. Science has a way of backing up any
nutritional research. Vitamins are also found in the food we eat so that the food supplies us
with nutritional value. I have been making the necessary changes to make sure that the food
I eat is more nutritious. I also plan to be more consistent with taking my daily vitamins for
extra support. I have heard of a few different vitamins or supplements such as B-12, One a
Day, and Vitamin C and D to name a few. These vitamins I am sure many people have
heard of or may even take like myself. I am not that consistent with my B-12 vitamins as I
should be but I do take them pretty often! I have been using these vitamins for a while now
and I was introduced to them by my aunt. I also have taken women’s vitamins as well for
energy. If I am not mistaken Vitamin C or D can help with your immune system, I am not
sure exactly which does what. I am not really sure if the information about these vitamins
are nutrition scientific or not. B-12 prevents you from feeling weak and also helps with
your blood cells and things in that nature. It also helps with weight loss as well. I have to
get more consistent with taking my daily vitamins like I have been in the past because now
I don’t take them as often as I should. I have heard of many types of vitamins and
supplements, especially when I worked in a pharmacy. I am very familiar with B-12
because I was given shots while going through cancer treatments and I still receive them
monthly. I get blood tests every few months to monitor my B-12 levels and they are always
low but without daily sublingual doses and monthly shots, it is very low. When I feel like
my body may be lacking vitamins or nutrients, I always talk to my doctor first to get his
opinion. Then I will ask my pharmacist for her opinion because she is very knowledgeable
about supplements, and I trust her. Between working with my doctor and pharmacist, I have
come up with a daily regimen of vitamins and supplements that work for me. I will also
research medical websites, like Mayo Clinic, to read articles pertaining to what vitamins or
supplements I may need, also how and when I should take them. My vitamin and
supplement schedule will also change depending on other factors in my life. For example,
in the winter when I get very little sunlight I will take Vitamin D, then in the summer I do
not need to because I am getting plenty of sunshine every day. Also, if I am having
digestive issues and can not eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables, I will
take Vitamin C. I have also learned to take sublingual vitamins when possible to ensure that
my body is absorbing them, especially since I have digestive issues. Whenever I look into
buying new supplements or vitamins, I tend to mostly look at reviews which is really not a
good way to research a product. I usually just look at the promotional videos of the
company selling the product with them saying all the beneficial ingredients that are within
the product not knowing myself if those ingredients are healthy or not. A company I do
enjoy buying from a lot is called Bare Performance Nutrition, ran by a U.S. Army veteran.
Reason I looked into his company was because I was also in the military at the time and
was looking for supplements that did not have anything illegal in them that can pop up
during my random pee tests that was done throughout the year in the military. Even though
his company was still small, he by far had the best tasting protein and pre-workout I have
ever tasted. Usually when I look at ingredients, I try not to dive too deep into it. The main
points I am looking at is to make sure it is non-gmo, gluten free and no artificial
preservatives or sweeteners. Luckily, his products do not contain non of those.If anyone is
ever looking for a green drink, I would recommend checking his out. By far the best tasting
green drink that provides natural energy and boosts your immune system.
There are always some new fad vitamin or supplement coming out. I have been using
collagen powder daily in my coffee. This helps my hair, teeth, nails and skin. I have noticed
the benefit from using it consistently. My hair is growing and my skin has become clearer. I
think that there is some benefits for bones as well from taking it. I also started to take apple
cider vinegar gummies. This may just be the next big fad, but I have noticed a difference in
my digestive health from taking them. My daughter is really good about taking her daily
multivitamin which has all the needed vitamins in one instead of taking multiple pills. I
myself haven't been as on top of taking vitamins as I should. I should start taking calcium
pills just because I don't drink milk. Unfortunately, I cant say that I am taking these
vitamins and supplements because of science, more so I am taking them because I see the
benefits from others and would like to see if they will work for me as well. I, too, have
heard of many different supplements and vitamins for all sorts of things. Every day there is
something new being pushed out that claims to improve or prevent health problems. I
personally take a daily vitamin, B Complex and collagen powder. Vitamins and B complex
have always been recommended because we do not always absorb the proper nutrients from
diet alone. I do not think I question that all too much because of multiple recommendations
for adults and children. I recently started adding collagen to my drinks after researching
benefits. I also bought it to the attention of my primary care physician who saw no issues
with this kind of supplementation. Collagen is used for tissue health, hair, skin and nail
health as well. It is said to have important proteins, which is I think is most important in
our overall wellbeing. However, like everything else there can be negative side effects. I
have also looked into those and concluded that the side effects are minimal, and the benefits
outweigh the risks. I have heard of many vitamins like A, E, C, and D. The supplements
that I have heard of and taken are one a day vitamins for women which are vitamins that
supplement to ensure that you are getting the recommended daily amount needed. After our
readings this week, I realize that the supplement is not needed if a proper diet is being eaten
unless there is a medical reason for taking them. According to Davidson (2020), "Experts
agree that vitamin supplements are not a substitute for nutrients from food. Most healthy
people in developed countries who eat a varied diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole
grains get enough vitamins and do not need a vitamin supplement, although many take a
daily multivitamin as “insurance.” The exception to this is vitamin D, which is found
naturally in few foods." Vitamin D can be gotten by simply spending 15 to 20 mins a day
in the sun. This should give a normal healthy person the dose of vitamin D that they need
for a day but using sunblock does diminish the amount of vitamin D that your body gets. I
have heard about many different vitamins and supplements. I know many people take them
for different things. I had to take vitamin D once because after my blood work the doctor
found my vitamin D level was low. My mom takes different types of vitamins like B12 and
a daily women’s vitamins to help with your overall health. How I decide on whether or not
it’s a good idea to take it is if I’m not sure about taking it I ask my pharmacist when I go to
pick my medication up. I also ask my mom to see what she thinks about it because I know
she has been on a lot of medication due to her illness she has and also having to deal with
my grandmother that it was easy for the doctor to ask what she didn’t have and what
medications she wasn’t on verses what she did have or what medications she was on. I
think it all comes down to it’s your choice what you want to put in your body but it is good
to get an opinion. I have heard of many supplements and vitamins. I have only take the B12
gummy supplements to help with my energy level and also Iron medicine to help build my
iron and keep my iron levels high. The way I go by taking supplements i do my research on
them medicine and I see all the side effects, and I also get another Doctor to get their
opinion on the medication I will be taking. For example undergoing my epilepsy I was
taking one kind of seizure medicine and it was not helping me so my church member who
is also a Doctor talked to my mother about the medicine and she helped get me off the
medicine and I started taking another kind of medicine that caused me not to have any
seizures or major side effects that I did not have to deal with from the new medicine.
Overall, I currently do not take any medicine for one many medications that we are taking
now can affect the liver, I learned that from my brother doctors and nurses when he was
battling cancer. You hear a lot about vitamins and supplements, and what you put into your
body is your choice. a a I choice not to put any supplement into my body because of my
medical history. I have taken some vitamins that I was told to take by my physician. I took
Vitamin D when my back hurt and I felt a little on edge. After a sometime taking this I felt
so much better. I done the research and there were studies supporting this. “The women
received vitamin D therapy for eight to 12 weeks to replenish their blood levels. After
treatment, their levels increased to 32 to 38 ng/mL. The women also reported corresponding
improvements in symptoms of depression following vitamin D therapy. I also to a B12 shot
when my levels were low in my blood work. My physician taught me how to inject myself
with these. I know that people take these for energy, but I only took these as long as my
levels were low in my blood work.I never really thought about my information being based
on nutrition science. I always just went by what my physician said I need in vitamins and
took them.
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