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Ay company'sy marketingy organizationy couldy insurey itsy abilityy to
identifyy newlyy emergingy competitorsy andy newy trendy byy doingy
researchy andy probablyy peopley studies.y Thisy willy helpy toy findy whaty
peopley likey andy don'ty like,y alsoy willy helpy withy learningy abouty
competitorsy andy whaty drivesy peopley toy purchasedy they competitorsy
products.y Surveysy andy justy researchy willy helpy stayy iny fronty ofy
upy andy comingy trends.y Thesey daysy withy technology,y socialy mediay
isy ay goody wasy fory companiesy toy identifyy emergingy trendsy andy
preparey fory anyy changesy thaty havey toy bey madey toy stayy aheady
ofy thingsy toy come.y Any exampley isy wheny wey rany ay newy
product,y wey hady doney ay peopley surveyy toy seey ify peopley wouldy
bey interestedy in oury newy product.y Theny oury planty decidedy toy
asky permissiony toy bey abley toy runy they newy product,y buty
cooperatey officey decidedy againsty it.y Oney dayy they ownery camey byy
fory ay visity andy toy inspecty oury planty andy hey wasy toldy abouty
oury ideay fory ay newy product.y Hey respondedy with,y "It'sy bettery toy
asky fory forgivenessy insteady ofy askingy fory permission".y Soy wey rany
they newy producty andy soldy ity onliney asy limitedy item.y Wey rany
oury iny justy ay fewy hours.y Wey arey nowy gettingy thingsy togethery
toy runy they itemy againy andy thisy timey wey havey permissiony toy
doy so.y Ay companyy cany keepy upy withy newlyy emergingy competitorsy
andy waysy toy beaty themy aty marketingy byy havingy ay teamy ofy
employeesy constantlyy environmentallyy scanning.y Byy havingy peopley
keepingy upy withy othery companiesy withiny they samey businessy markety
asy theirsy theyy wouldy bey abley toy seey whaty newy productsy ory
ideasy theiry competitorsy arey puttingy outy andy howy theyy plany toy
markety those.y Thaty way,y wheny theyy reporty toy they marketingy teamy
periodicallyy they marketingy teamy hasy enoughy timey toy comey upy
withy somethingy toy gety aheady ofy thosey competitors.y Wheny youy arey
keepingy upy withy environmentaly scansy ity allowsy youry companyy toy
seey whaty peopley arey shiftingy theiry focusy toy wheny ity comesy toy
youry areay ofy they market.y Ity keepsy youry companyy ony topy ofy
howy theyy theny takey thosey changesy andy implementy themy intoy theiry
producty ory servicey soy thaty theyy arey nowy meetingy they wantsy andy
needsy ofy theiry customery basey beforey theyy competitorsy eveny gety ay
chancey toy easey iny ony theiry customers.y Wheny youry companyy tendsy
toy stayy ony topy ofy changesy andy thaty companyy conveysy thosey
changesy iny theiry marketingy theny thosey customersy feely thaty they
companyy isy speakingy directlyy toy themy andy whaty theiry wantsy andy
needsy arey eveny thoughy theyy havey changedy andy thaty makesy ay
customery feely loyaly becausey theyy feely heard.Ay company'sy marketingy
organizationy cany identifyy newlyy emergingy competitorsy iny timey toy
plany andy executey any effectivey marketingy strategyy iny responsey toy
thesey competitorsy iny ay numbery ofy ways.y First,y theyy cany searchy
localy businessy directories.y Theyy alsoy cany bey ony they lookouty fory
advertisementsy andy pressy reports.y Exhibitionsy andy tradey fairsy mayy
bey helpful.y Finally,y whaty mayy bey mosty commony andy easiesty
wouldy bey toy searchy ony they internety fory similary productsy ory
services.y Iy thinky oney ofy they besty waysy isy gettingy informationy
fromy customers.y Fory example,y myy daughtery customizesy sneakers.y Aty
they beginningy stages,y shey wouldy looky intoy othersy onliney thaty wasy
alsoy iny they samey businessy andy foundy waysy toy bringy iny manyy
customersy byy lookingy intoy whaty theyy hady goingy ony iny they
business.y Shey wasy abley toy bringy iny greaty pricesy thaty werey lowery
thany usual,y buty aty they samey timey -y withy they promotions,y
discountsy andy incentivesy thaty shey provided,y hery sneakery businessy isy
nowy booming.y This isy becausey withy they greaty qualityy ofy hery
worky andy they greaty prices,y shey hasy customersy puttingy iny ordersy
everyy day.y Ay company'sy marketingy orgy cany keepy upy withy andy
identifyy newlyy emergingy competitorsy byy doingy generaly researchy intoy
they localy marketsy andy seeingy whaty peopley arey finding.y Ay goody
exampley isy socialy media,y Iy knowy therey arey manyy largey companiesy
whoy payy severaly peopley to managey they companyy Twittery account,y
Instagram,y Facebook,y Snapchats,y etc.y Thesey peopley arey paidy toy doy
engagementy activitiesy withy customersy andy aty they samey timey payy
othery peopley toy engagey iny researchy basedy ony thisy engagement.y
Theyy cany observey howy welly theiry engagementy faresy versusy
competitors,y andy usingy they socialy mediay tooly ofy hashtags,y it'sy easyy
toy doy researchy intoy newlyy emergingy brandsy simplyy byy searchingy
relevanty topicsy toy youry businessy byy hashtagsy andy seeingy whaty isy
trendingy eachy dayy andy aty eachy hour.y Therey arey severaly differenty
strategiesy thaty companiesy employy toy conducty effectivey marketingy
strategiesy andy sety goals,y buty socialy mediay hasy latelyy beeny they
mosty powerfuly all-seeingy eyey intoy they worldy ofy customersy andy
whaty they'rey lookingy fory asy welly asy whaty companiesy they'rey
lookingy at.y Therey arey ay fewy waysy ay businessy cany stayy aheady
ofy itsy competition.y Theyy couldy researchy they prosy andy consy ofy
theiry competitory andy marketing;y fory example:y ify they businessy
competitiony hasy ay problemy withy customery servicey or customery
returns,y ay company cany buildy ony they negativityy ofy theiry contendery
byy usingy ity againsty themy and,y iny turn,y helpy theiry owny businessy
improvey theiry sales.y Second,y givey youry customersy incentivesy likey
20%y offy theiry purchasey fory fillingy outy surveysy regardingy whaty they
customery wantsy toy seey iny they company'sy businessy andy whaty wouldy
encouragey themy toy shopy withy theiry company.y Iy findy incentivesy arey
alwaysy ay greaty ideay fory improvingy ay business.y Ity wouldy alsoy bey
ay greaty ideay toy starty ay mailingy list,y soy they customery cany
receivey incentivesy toy encouragey themy toy doy businessy withy they
company.y Companyy credity cardsy wouldy alsoy createy morey extensivey
salesy fory they company;y buyy nowy paysy ay smally monthlyy paymenty
everyy month.y Therey arey manyy greaty opportunitiesy fory ay newy
businessy toy succeed;y ally ity takesy isy research,y advertising,y andy
incentives.y Accordingy toy they text,y any organizationy willy usey ay
processy calledy environmentaly scanning.y Ity allowsy organizationsy toy takey
ay looky aty trendsy iny theiry industryy toy determiney howy threatsy andy
opportunitiesy cany bey managed.y Chaptery 3y listsy they fivey
environmentaly forcesy thaty helpy determiney industryy trends.y Social y forces y
arey they firsty componenty ofy environmentaly scanning.y Ity encompassesy
they demographicsy andy culturey ofy they population.y Changesy iny socialy
forcesy cany havey ay tremendousy effecty ony any organization’sy marketingy
strategy.y They secondy componenty isy Economic y forcesy asy ity isy
relatedy toy income,y expenditures,y andy resourcesy thaty organizationsy needy
iny ordery toy operate.y They thirdy componenty isy technological y forces,y
whichy refersy toy inventionsy ory innovationsy fromy mechanicaly ory
engineeringy research.y Technologyy isy constantlyy evolvingy soy organizationsy
needy toy knowy howy technologyy cany replacey existingy productsy ory
companies.y Competitivey forcesy arey the fourthy componenty ofy
environmentaly scanning.y Ity includesy informationy abouty othery
organizationsy thaty couldy offery they samey producty toy any organization'sy
prospectivey market.y Identifyingy competitorsy andy determiningy whichy ofy
they foury formsy ofy competitiony theyy arey categorizedy cany helpy any
organizationy developy itsy marketingy strategy.y They fifthy componenty isy
regulatoryy forces.y Thesey forcesy consisty ofy statey andy federaly lawsy
puty iny placey toy ensurey organizationsy conducty fairy businessy practices.y
Thesey regulationsy alsoy providey protectiony toy organizations.y Fory
consumers,y regulatoryy forcesy havey statey andy federaly lawsy iny placey
toy protecty themy fromy unfairy tradey practicesy andy ity ensuresy theiry
Organizationsy cany developy andy maintainy successfuly marketingy programsy
wheny theyy arey abley toy identifyy trendsy relatedy toy eachy ofy thesey
forces.”y Ay wayy ay company’sy marketingy organizationy ensurey thaty it’sy
abley toy identifyy newlyy emergingy competitorsy iny timey toy plany andy
executey any effectivey marketingy strategyy iny responsey toy thesey competitorsy
isy throughy environmentaly scanning.y Environmentaly scanningy includesy lookingy
aty informationy andy lookingy fory information.y I’vey alwaysy wonderedy thisy
informationy asy well,y soy thisy wasy funy toy explore.y Therey arey foury
modesy ofy environmentaly scanning:y undirectedy viewing,y conditionedy viewing,y
informaly search,y andy formaly search.y Any exampley ofy undirectedy viewingy
isy usingy ay smally firmy thaty gathersy informationy throughy pre-existingy
contactsy personaly contactsy withy limitedy buyers,y suppliers,y salesy personnel,y
andy associatesy iny othery companies.y Any exampley ofy conditionedy viewingy
isy browsingy sectionsy ofy newspapers,y periodicals,y ory websitesy thaty reporty
ony they topic.y Any exampley ofy informaly searchy isy conductingy ay
simpley survey,y informaly interviewsy withy ay targety audience,y seekingy
opinionsy ofy colleagues,y andy searchingy throughy companyy files.y Lastly,y
any exampley ofy formaly searchy isy usingy morey ofy ay systematicy
approachy andy scientificy methodsy suchy asy researchy designy andy method,y
resultsy andy analysis,y conclusion,y andy bibliography.y It’sy carefuly toy usey
upy toy datey informationy andy reliabley sources.y Thesey four environmentaly
scanningy modesy helpy they company’sy marketingy teamy knowy theiry
competitorsy andy plany accordingly.y Ay company'sy marketingy organizationy
cany identifyy competitorsy byy usingy environmentaly scanning.y Environmentaly
scanningy isy ay wayy toy identifyy andy analysey trendsy byy continuouslyy
acquiringy information.y Environmentaly scanningy gathersy informationy fromy
fivey categories:y social,y economic,y technological,y competitivey andy regulatoryy
forces.y Eachy ofy thesey areasy providesy insightsy ony potentialy trendsy andy
cany providey any earlyy warningy ofy ay newy competitor.y Havingy
informationy ony thingsy suchy asy consumery income,y demographics,y andy
changingy technologyy wouldy allowy ay companyy toy respondy accordinglyy
toy ay competitory byy ensuringy theiry resultingy producty isy wantedy andy
neededy byy consumers,y andy consumersy havey they abilityy toy purchasey
it.y Oney exampley ofy ay companyy respondingy toy competitorsy isy Coca-
Cola.y Coca-Colay isy they majory competitory ofy Pepsiy andy theyy havey
ay longy rivalryy competingy iny they softy drinky industry.y Iny ordery fory
Coca-Colay toy standy outy fromy Pepsiy andy convincey consumersy toy buyy
Coca-Colay productsy overy Pepsi,y Coca-Colay introducedy newy productsy suchy
asy Vanillay Cokey andy Cokey Zero.y Coca-Colay wasy abley toy gathery
informationy ony consumersy andy demographicsy andy createy ay producty thaty
wouldy satisfyy andy needy andy wanty ofy consumersy thaty Pepsiy didy noty
have.y Ay company'sy marketingy organizationy cany ensurey thaty ity isy abley
toy identifyy newlyy emergingy competitorsy byy ensuringy theyy arey exercisingy
environmentaly scanning.y Ify ay companyy hasy ay graspy ony whaty isy
happeningy aroundy theiry organizationy asy welly asy withy theiry producty
ory service,y iny regardsy to sales,y environmentaly scanningy willy aidy themy
iny identifyingy competitorsy asy welly asy timey toy plany andy executey any
effectivey marketingy strategy.y Theyy willy alsoy bey abley toy pinpointy anyy
environmentaly trendsy thaty mayy bey happening.y Iy remembery growingy upy
iny ay neighbourhoody thaty hady maybey 2y handy carwashesy withiny ay 3-
miley radius.y Thesey werey they do-it-yourselfy cary washes.y Theyy werey
alwaysy crowdedy soy ay loty ofy peopley resultedy toy washingy theiry carsy
iny theiry