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Thef gigf economyf isf anf economyf wheref companiesf contractf employeesf forf workf andf theyf
aref entirelyf independentf off thef companyf orf organization.f Anf examplef off thisf wouldf bef
uberf orf lyftf driversf beingf independentf contractors.f Technicallyf theyf aref representativesf off
uberf orf lyftf butf notf actualf employeesf andf dof notf receivef benefits.f Anotherf examplef off thisf
couldf bef thef travelf nursingf industry.f Hospitalsf orf healthcaref organizationsf contractf nursesf
forf af shortf periodf off timef tof workf inf theirf differentf departments.f Inf af gigf economy,f
workersf wouldf bef highlyf skilledf inf whateverf they'ref workingf on.f Theyf havef tof bef ablef tof
adaptf quicklyf tof thef situationsf they'ref placedf in.f Theref isf somef timef spentf onf trainingf butf
thef costsf andf timef thatf goesf intof thef hiringf processf isf eliminated.f If havef experiencef beingf
af contractf workerf andf If muchf preferf beingf anf employee.f Whenf If wasf af contractf workerf itf
wasf nicef becausef If couldf makef myf ownf schedule,f butf If wasn'tf givenf benefitsf andf If alsof
hadf tof payf forf anyf problemsf thatf camef upf inf myf lifef fromf work.f Thef jobf If workf nowf can-
dof pay-outsf tof coverf costs.f I'vef alwaysf beenf anf employeef inf af company,f butf If havef metf
othersf thatf aref contractf workers.f Itf alwaysf camef downf tof thef factf thatf you'ref ablef tof makef
yourf ownf schedulef whenf I'vef talkedf withf peoplef If know.Gigf Economyf isf somethingf If
haven’tf heardf off asf thef correctf wordf forf contractors.f Nowf thatf If If havef learnedf whatf itf
actuallyf meansf If knowf thatf af gigf isf oftenf timesf employmentf onf yourf own.f Thesef couldf bef
foodf servicef providersf orf yourf ownf likef cleaningf crew.f Thef onlyf positivef If couldf seef
comingf outf off havingf af gigf professionf isf af lotf off timesf youf canf makef yourf ownf schedulef
andf workf whenf you’ref ablef tof work.
If don’tf thinkf personallyf If wouldf putf myselff inf thatf positionf tof wheref If don’tf havef thef
stabilityf orf thef certaintyf off myf nextf position.f If likef workingf forf af companyf becausef If havef
disability,f If havef thef benefitsf thatf gof alongf withf beingf af full-timef employee.f If dof seef whyf
somef companiesf contractf outf certainf positionsf forf gigsf becausef theyf aren’tf realf reliablef
andf theyf aren’tf forcedf tof payf themf thef samef orf tof providef thef benefitsf likef mostf
companiesf do.f If thinkf forf nowf I’llf justf stickf withf wheref I’mf at.f Itf seemsf tof bef af lotf safer.f
Forf me,f thef gigf economyf isf workingf onf yourf own,f withf yourf ownf customersf orf contractsf
withf firmsf thatf payf youf forf yourf jobf withoutf havingf tof copef withf laborf laws.Wef canf
contributef skillsf tof thef gigf economyf byf remainingf motivatedf andf persistent;f theref willf bef
manyf peoplef whof agreef withf ourf businessf plansf andf somef whof dof not,f whichf isf whyf wef
mustf applyf whatf wef havef learnedf inf thisf class,f suchf asf strategicf planning,f beingf analytic,f
andf reviewingf thef process,f andf iff somethingf isf notf workingf out,f updatef thef processf orf
makef changes.If likef both,f gigf economyf andf employment;f If justf needf tof balancef myf
priorities.f Rightf now,f If havef twof teen-agersf whof relyf onf myf husbandf andf me;f theyf havef
recentlyf begunf driving,f andf ourf expensesf aref considerable.f Currently,f employmentf isf
preferablef becausef wef requiref af steadyf income,f ourf workf schedulesf aref compatiblef withf
theirs,f andf wef requiref thef perksf thatf ourf employmentf jobsf providef tof us:f salary,f healthf
benefits,f sickf days,f vacationf time,f andf retirement.f However,f wef intendf tof workf forf
ourselvesf inf thef futuref whenf ourf childrenf aref grown,f ourf housef isf paidf off,f andf wef
receivef ourf retirement,f evenf iff itf isf little,f becausef wef wantf tof retiref whenf wef aref notf toof
old.Whenf wef hadf af familyf businessf af fewf yearsf ago,f myf husbandf usedf tof getf somef workf
donef byf contractorsf whof hadf betterf machinesf andf thef qualityf off thef productsf weref better,f
andf itf wasf goodf forf usf becausef wef hadf customersf andf wef couldf providef betterf productsf
withoutf havingf tof investf af lotf off moneyf inf newf machines.f Manyf peoplef whof havef comef
fromf outsidef thef countryf andf dof notf havef thef necessaryf documentsf tof workf havef
contributedf tof thef gigf economyf byf obtainingf anf Individualf Taxpayerf Identificationf
Numberf andf workingf inf jobsf thatf benefitf thef county.f Thef gigf economyf hasf threef
components.f Thef firstf isf thatf thef independentf employeef isf paidf byf thef "gig"f (slangf forf jobf
suchf asf givingf someonef af ride,f fixingf af leakyf toilet,f etc.).f Thef secondf isf af consumerf whof
needsf af servicef andf isf motivatedf tof usef anf independentf contractorf ratherf thanf af traditionalf
companyf (typicallyf forf increasedf conveniencef orf tof savef money).f Thef thirdf isf thef
companiesf thatf havef formedf tof facilitatef workersf findingf thesef gigsf (Uber,f Etsy,f etc.).f Thef
Gigf Economyf isf af segmentf off thef economyf composedf off Independentf Contractors,f thatf
providef temporary,f showf up,f non-scheduledf labor.f Thef Gigf Economyf isf filledf withf jobsf
thatf requiref justf labor,f af vehicle,f orf sharingf af particularf skill,f thatf contractorsf canf enterf
andf leavef asf theyf seef fitf intof theirf schedule.Whenf wef thinkf off thef Gigf Economy,f wef
usuallyf thinkf off Uber,f Lyft,f orf foodf deliveryf services,f however,f manyf otherf "gigs"f existf
thatf requiref af honedf skillf orf particularf access.f Thesef jobsf maybef submissionsf off af websitef
builtf withf certainf requirements,f foreignf languagef translation,f orf usingf credentialsf tof enterf
restrictedf areasf tof assessf businessf thatf thef generalf publicf cannotf freelyf access.f Manyf gigsf
If havef personallyf participatedf operatedf onf thef lowerf endf off thef spectrum,f wheref If
providedf deliveryf off food,f butf If havef alsof usedf designf skillsf andf specificf knowledgef tof
assistf onf otherf gigsf asf well.Forf myself,f If muchf preferf tof bef anf employee.f If enjoyf thef
stability,f andf thef benefitsf off traditionalf employment,f overf thef comef andf gof naturef off gigs.f
Forf somef people,f gigsf aref ideal,f suchf asf thosef justf passingf throughf andf traveling.f Asf forf
myself,f If tryf myf bestf tof shinef forf myf supervisors,f andf managef tof climbf thef ladderf higherf
andf higherf withf inf thef companiesf If workf for.If rememberf whenf If workedf forf af restaurant,f
wef wouldf havef gigf workersf forf takeoutf delivery.f Wef usedf gigf workersf specificallyf duef tof
thef lackf off overheadf andf liability.f Thef overheadf wef didn'tf needf tof payf includedf healthf
insurancef andf additionalf taxes.f Onef off thef lesserf thoughtf off reasonsf forf usingf gigf workersf
wasf thef liability,f asf wef weref notf heldf accountablef iff thef workerf wasf involvedf inf af trafficf
accident,f andf nof onef couldf associatef themf withf ourf businessf iff theyf weref drivingf toof fastf
orf recklessly.f Af “gig”f isf sometimesf calledf af “sidef hustle”f andf isf generallyf af short-termf
task,f projectf orf jobf thatf af personf takesf upf tof makef extraf cash.f f Butf manyf dof gigf workf
longf termf orf asf af mainf sourcef off income.f Somef gigf workersf getf paidf perf taskf orf
assignment.f Othersf earnf anf hourlyf rate.
Generatingf additionalf incomef andf havingf workf flexibilityf aref thef mostf commonf motivesf
tof workf forf gigf economy.f f
Independencef andf flexibilityf aref thef mainf aspectf thatf peoplef workingf inf thef gigf economyf
weref oftenf satisfiedf with.f If wouldf preferf af consistentf businessf tof workf in.f Gigsf aref
enjoyablef andf flexible,f andf If havef takenf partf inf af few.f Mostf recentf examplef isf startingf upf
anf Uberf businessf inf ourf smallf townf thatf hasf 2f stoplights.f Myf planf wasf tof dof duringf majorf
holidaysf orf activitiesf inf town.f Itf wasf af hugef successf andf madef extraf cashf duringf thef twof
nightsf off drivingf peoplef duringf St.f pats.f Gigsf likef thisf aref anf effectivef wayf forf quickf
cash.f Longf termf sustainabilityf couldf vary,f duef tof smallerf communities.f Moref businessf inf
biggerf cities.f Af gigf economyf isf anf independentf contractorf ,temporaryf orf short-termf
contractingf jobs.f Wheref youf eitherf aref biddingf forf servicesf orf beingf hiredf onf forf af shortf
periodf off time.f Normallyf thoughf af tempf servicef orf af drivingf servicef jobf throughf af thirdf
party.f Thef skillsf youf canf bringf tof thisf jobf isf beingf moref flexiblef withf yourf timef andf
promotingf yourselff byf thef workf youf previouslyf did.f Inf thef deliveryf servicef thatf if havef
previousf workf if gotf tof setf myf ownf hours.f If workedf forf howeverf longf if wouldf havef
wantedf tof andf didf notf havef tof checkf withf anyonef becausef itf wasf alreadyf inf thef app.f Myf
preferencef wouldf bef anf independentf contractorf becausef if likef tof bef if controlf off howf If
wantf tof planf myf day.f Whatf contractsf If wantf tof pickf upf andf if canf sayf nof andf justf leavef
withinf reasonf iff if feelf likef If amf beingf treatedf poorlyf orf iff thef customerf wasf notf livingf upf
tof whatf wef agreedf onf andf stillf getf paid.f Havingf thef abilityf tof negotiatef everyf wagef andf
buildingf thef relationshipf withf eachf customerf if comef across.f Af gigf economyf isf af
temporaryf orf short-termf jobf orf position,f whichf isf essentiallyf disposablef whenf youf nof
longerf havef needf off it.f Thef skillsf youf canf bringf intof af gigf economyf aref whatf If callf tradef
skills.f Forf example,f myf automotivef knowledgef andf myf abilityf tof adaptf tof anyf job,f atf anyf
time,f atf anyf pace.f If thinkf adaptabilityf andf flexibilityf aref importantf tof af gigf economy.f
Withf myf smallf business,f If amf thef equivalentf off af contractf workerf andf If enjoyf itf af lotf
moref thanf If everf enjoyedf beingf anf employeef becausef If amf af motherf beforef If amf anythingf
else,f andf beingf af contractorf allowsf mef tof setf myf hoursf andf workweekf aroundf thef needsf off
myf childrenf andf theirf appointments.f If knowf thatf whenf If wasf workingf asf anf employeef inf
thef foodservicef industry,f myf employersf weren'tf veryf flexiblef aroundf myf childrenf andf theirf
varyingf schedules.f Workingf forf myselff allowsf thatf flexibilityf thatf isf sof importantf tof me.f Af
Gigf Economyf isf basicallyf justf af temporaryf positionf orf shortf term.f Af positionf youf canf
changef atf anyf timef whenf theref isf nof need.f Skillsf youf canf bringf withf youf inf af gigf
economyf wouldf bef self-motivationf becausef sincef youf aref temporary.f Youf needf tof showf
themf whyf theyf shouldf keepf you.f Andf If alsof feelf likef sincef manyf peoplef workf inf thisf gigf
economy,f theyf havef manyf experiencesf withf differentf jobsf tof bringf allf theirf qualificationsf
tof thef table.f If seef bothf sidesf off beingf af contractorf worker,f orf anf employee.f Beingf af
contractorf worker,f youf aref guaranteedf af timef workingf withf saidf company,f butf youf aref
temporary.f Beingf anf employee,f yeahf youf aref inf withf thef company,f butf youf couldf bef letf
gof atf anyf momentf forf anyf reason.f So,f theyf bothf havef theirf prosf andf cons.f If don'tf thinkf If
wouldf mindf beingf af contractf employee,f butf If don'tf knowf howf If feelf aboutf bouncingf fromf
onef jobf tof anotherf orf havingf tof tryf andf findf af newf job.f Inf myf currentf role,f wef dof havef
somef kindsf off gigf employees.f If workf inf af schoolf district,f andf wef havef substitutesf andf
long-termf substitutef teachers.f Beingf af substitutef teacher,f youf havef af temporaryf spotf inf af
class,f itf couldf bef af day,f itf couldf bef af week.f Youf couldf alsof bef af long-termf subf whichf
meansf youf aref subbingf forf onef classf forf weeksf iff notf months.f Inf myf opinionf If thinkf Gigf
Economyf meansf af sidef job.f It'sf af jobf thatf isn'tf af permanentf jobf andf canf typicallyf getf donef
prettyf quickly.f If feelf likef af lotf off peoplef havef thesef jobsf onf thef weekendsf orf somethingf tof
dof whenf theyf getf donef withf theirf "normal/permanent"f job.f If thinkf onef off thef biggestf skillsf
If canf bringf tof thef gigf economyf isf myf pipef liningf andf weldingf skills.f Whenf If graduatedf
college,f If wentf throughf af bunchf off schoolingf andf testingf tof getf certifiedf inf bothf off those.f
Anotherf onef thatf isf bigf aroundf wheref If livef isf landscaping.f If believef iff youf havef thef rightf
clientsf andf setf upf thatf couldf bef af sidef jobf orf gigf economyf typef job.f If wouldf muchf ratherf
bef anf employee;f If likef af moref permanent/setf job.f If likef tof knowf If havef af jobf andf If canf
bringf moneyf homef tof myf family.f If knowf withf contractf workf youf canf usuallyf negotiatef
yourf payf andf mostf off thef timef youf aref yourf ownf boss.f If usedf tof bef af contractf workerf andf
If preferf af lotf moref whatf If amf doingf nowf thenf backf then.f Whenf youf aref af contractf worker,f
youf aref setf tof dof onef orf twof smallerf jobs.f Whenf youf aref anf employee,f youf aref theref forf af
longf timef andf mostf likelyf havef af lotf moref jobsf tof dof tof keepf youf onf yourf toes.
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