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Accordingf tof thef SWOTf analysisf Thatf wef learnf inf chapterf 6,f thef internalf strengthf isf
Toyota'sf reputation,f itf isf thef world'sf leadingf automakerf andf mostf valuablef autof brand;f thisf
couldf helpf tof keepf Toyotaf inf thef businessf inf thef future.
If believef thatf thef vulnerabilityf thatf needsf tof bef addressedf thef mostf isf thef higherf qualityf off
thef partsf thatf aref promptingf recalls.f Beforef releasingf itf onf thef market,f Toyotaf shouldf
conductf moref studyf andf tests.
Toyotaf isf well-positionedf tof takef advantagef off allf currentf externalf prospectsf sincef itf hasf af
trackf recordf off conductingf researchf forf thef company'sf andf employees'f benefit.
Keepingf upf withf thef competencyf off automakersf whof aref producingf innovationsf fasterf thanf
Toyotaf isf onef off thef externalf challengesf thatf Toyotaf shouldf prioritize.f Thef competencyf isf
focusingf onf manufacturingf electricf carsf thanksf tof technology;f Peoplef wantf tof savef moneyf
onf gas,f especiallyf nowf thatf itf isf sof costly,f thusf electricf carsf aref becomingf moref popularf asf
af resultf off technicalf improvements.f Anotherf reasonf peoplef aref choosingf thisf automobilef isf
tof protectf thef environment.f Wellf onef theyf couldf dof somef researchf &f makef usef off allf thef
recallsf they'vef hadf inf thef pastf andf makef af vehiclef orf vehiclesf thatf hasf allf off thef updatedf
safetyf featuresf andf airbagsf off thef pastf modelsf thatf weref fixedf andf nof longerf neededf
services.Anf internalf weaknessf if thinkf wouldf bef thef recallsf andf thef factf thatf theyf aren'tf
comingf togetherf tof catchf upf withf thef otherf companiesf andf theirf laterf models.f Whatf getsf
mostf peoplef isf thatf Toyotaf hasf beenf aroundf forf af longf timef andf hasf alwaysf beenf labeledf
orf programmedf tof bef thef safestf vehicles,f if thinkf theyf justf lastf longerf andf thatf they'ref goodf
withf repairingf theirf carsf whenf theyf findf mistakesf (recalls)f notf allf makesf aren'tf af problem.f
Onef off thef biggestf internalf strengthsf forf Toyotaf isf theirf dependability.f Wellf it’sf af greatf
strengthf theref isf alwaysf roomf forf improvement.f Evenf thoughf wef considerf themf af
dependablef vehiclef they’ref alwaysf drawbacks.f Forf example,f evenf thoughf theyf aref
dependablef butf theyf oftenf havef af lotf off recallsf andf peoplef seef thatf andf aref worriedf tof
purchasef that.f Iff theyf weref tof takef thisf internalf weaknessf andf dof somef moref researchf byf
providingf moref facilitiesf andf employeesf tof helpf alongf thef waysf theyf couldf potentiallyf bef
onef off thef bestf carf marketsf outf there.f If havef neverf personallyf ownedf af Toyotaf If havef
frozenf af fewf heref andf theref butf If don’tf knowf muchf aboutf themf allf If knowf isf whatf If seef
andf usuallyf whenf youf seef thingsf aboutf vehiclesf it’sf thef negatives.Afterf readingf thisf articlef
andf learningf aboutf Toyotaf asf af businessf If havef nowf researchedf andf foundf af fewf differentf
vehiclesf thatf If wouldf bef interestedf inf purchasing.f I’vef beenf lookingf atf differentf onesf overf
thef pastf couplef off weeksf andf If thinkf I’mf likingf Toyota.f Thef strategyf processf dependsf onf
understandingf thef mostf importantf socialf influences,f regulations,f technology,f andf politicalf
decisions.f Environmentalf scanningf isf importantf becausef thef businessf environmentf changesf
rapidly.f Today'sf itemf off interestf mayf becomef tomorrow'sf criticalf issue.f Iff organizationsf dof
notf scanf thef environment,f theyf mayf bef surprisedf byf competitors.f f Althoughf anf
organizationf cannotf changef thef externalf environment,f changesf canf bef madef internallyf tof
betterf reactf tof externalf changes.f Toyotaf hasf alwaysf hadf af reputationf forf dependability.f
Theyf shouldf pushf forwardf thatf internalf strengthf alongf withf safetyf featuref improvementsf tof
catchf thef eyesf off thef middlef classf thatf graspsf towardsf SUVs,f asf theyf aref targeting.f Whilef
Toyotaf isn’tf doingf wellf inf thef salesf department,f theyf aref inf anf opportunisticf positionf tof
movef forwardf withf thef future,f consideringf howf manyf hybridf vehiclesf theyf currentlyf havef
inf theirf lineup.f Asf forf externalf threats,f fluctuationf inf currencyf hasf alwaysf beenf aroundf andf
carf companiesf canf caterf tof this.f However,f If thinkf theirf majorf problemf liesf amongstf thef
tariffsf inf Newf Mexicof andf pricef issuesf withinf Northf America.f Theyf couldf tryf tof offerf af
moref sizablef rebatef withf newf vehiclesf andf dealsf onf usedf vehicles.f Manyf familiesf needf
vehiclesf butf can'tf affordf themf rightf nowf duef tof inflation.f Toyotaf hasf alwaysf beenf af
companyf off innovationf andf eliminatingf waste.f Afterf readingf thef article,f If believef thatf
Toyotaf shouldf focusf moref onf thef researchf andf developmentf partf off thef company.f Thef
weaknessesf thatf weref highlightedf includef multiplef airbagf recallsf thatf couldf bef avoidedf iff
moref researchf andf developmentf wentf intof theirf manufacturing.f Theref isf af lotf off
opportunityf inf developingf autonomousf vehiclesf andf manyf otherf companiesf havef alreadyf
startedf workingf onf thatf includingf companiesf likef google.f Toyotaf needsf tof addressf theirf
weaknessesf beforef theyf takef advantagef off itsf opportunities.f Theyf lostf $1.2f billionf dollarsf
inf lawsuitsf andf havef hadf sixf millionf issuesf withf airbagsf sof beforef theyf diversifyf theyf
needf tof fixf whatf isf within.f Asf farf asf threats,f Toyotaf shouldf addressf thef threatsf fromf
competitors.f Nowf thatf theirf competitorsf havef caughtf upf inf onf qualityf andf safetyf Toyotaf
needsf tof bef innovative.f Theyf havef tof tacklef thef problemf off productionf delayf inf Japanf duef
tof weather.f Productionf andf differentf currenciesf aref threatsf butf thef delaysf inf productionf
havef allowedf theirf competitorsf tof catchf upf tof whatf theyf thoughtf wasf innovation.f Afterf
readingf thef “SWOTf Analysis:f Howf Wouldf Youf Analyzef Toyota?”f article,f If thinkf Toyota'sf
internalf strengthsf aref theirf researchf andf advancef technologyf theyf have.f Theyf havef moref
thanf onef carf thatf wasf rankedf inf thef mostf dependablef category.f Theyf wantedf af safef andf
reliablef car,f andf thatf isf whatf theyf aref creating.f If thinkf theirf weaknessesf aref allf thef recallsf
theyf havef hadf tof do.f Toyotaf isf pushingf thatf theyf aref safef andf reliable,f butf aref recallingf
forf airbagf issuesf whichf isf af bigf safetyf issue.f Especiallyf families,f theyf aref lookingf atf af carf
thatf isf safef forf theirf families,f andf whenf youf aref seeingf multiplef recallsf dealingf withf safetyf
issuesf andf airbags,f thatf isf goingf tof makef manyf peoplef hesitatef buyingf af Toyota.f If thinkf
Toyotaf willf takef advantagef off thef currentf externalf opportunitiesf especiallyf withf thef
Hybridf carsf nowf beingf madef andf sold.f Withf Toyota'sf technologyf If canf seef themf goingf farf
whenf itf comesf tof Hybrid.f Withf otherf companiesf thatf alsof aref makingf Hybridf carsf If canf
seef thatf beingf anf externalf threatf forf Toyota,f butf nothingf thatf isn'tf happeningf now.f Withf
thef costf alwaysf changing,f administrationf changing,f naturalf disastersf andf covid,f itf canf
makef allf kindsf off troublef forf Toyotaf tof getf partsf itf needs,f assemblef cars,f andf whatf not.f Itf
mayf bef af hardf yearf orf evenf fewf years,f butf inf thef endf If thinkf Toyotaf willf figuref itf out.f
Thef internalf strengthsf off Toyotaf aref itf hasf strongf brandf image,f goodf productionf andf itf hasf
advancedf technologyf andf globalf supplyf chain.f Heref Toyotaf canf makef flyingf carsf andf
smartf carsf andf canf implementf af veryf highf techf chainf off cars.f Inf total,f 15f researchf
facilitiesf inf 8f differentf countries,f includingf Japan,f Unitedf States,f China,f Thailand,f
Australia,f Germany,f Francef andf Belgiumf tof givef themf accessf tof manyf ideasf acrossf thef
globe.f Somef weaknessf theyf couldf bef recallsf onf thef vehiclesf atf handf becausef nof vehiclef isf
perfectf andf malfunctionsf happenf allf thef time.f Asf farf future-techf goes,f Toyotaf isf playingf
catchf upf tof Teslaf whof isf alreadyf yearsf inf advancef whenf itf comesf tof thef smartf car.f Toyotaf
followsf af rigidf hierarchyf wheref thef ordersf flowf inf onef directionf fromf topf tof bottom.f Itf
takesf awayf thef creativityf partf andf hasf af solidf structuref andf lessf roomf forf creativity.f
Threatsf couldf bef anotherf pandemicf withf Japanf beingf onef off thef largerf partnersf themf
closingf downf againf wouldf slowf downf productions.f Alsof justf otherf companiesf beingf sof
aheadf inf thef hyrbridf andf electricalf carsf suchf asf teslaf andf Volkswagonf alreadyf manyf yearsf
inf advance.f If wouldf likef tof startf thisf offf firstf byf sayingf If reallyf likef Toyotaf andf thef
vehiclesf theyf produce.f Thef internalf strengthsf thatf Toyotaf couldf makef betterf usef off inf thef
futuref isf theref R&Df facilities.f Theyf aref thef secondf highestf budgetf withf 10billionf dollars.f If
feelf likef theyf canf expandf thisf andf strengthenf theirf knowledgef byf addingf moref acrossf thef
world.f If feelf likef iff theyf wouldf havef donef thisf earlierf itf mightf would'vef helpedf withf thef
wholef recallf situation.f If thinkf thef internalf weaknessf thatf isf mostf importantf tof addressf isf
howf theyf hadf acceleratorsf stickf af whilef ago.f Theyf havef definitelyf fixedf thatf issuef asf itf
wasf af bigf problemf inf 2000,f iff theyf hadn'tf I'mf suref theyf wouldn'tf bef inf businessf anymore.f
Anotherf thingf thatf wasf mentionedf theyf hadf recallsf onf wasf theirf airbagsf notf working,f
whichf theyf aren'tf alonef on.f Wef havef seenf thatf withf manyf differentf carf companiesf allf overf
thef world.f If definitelyf thinkf Toyotaf canf takef advantagef off everythingf consideringf theyf
havef onef off thef mostf budgetsf forf R&Df whichf isf af bigf thingf whenf itf comesf tof electricf
carsf etc.f If feelf likef thef biggestf externalf threatf theyf shouldf worryf aboutf isf howf farf otherf
companiesf aref withf theirf electric/self-drivingf cars.f If thinkf thatf mightf bef inf thef nearf futuref
withf howf expensivef gasf isf everywhere.f If personallyf lovef andf ownf Toyotaf vehicles.f Thef
internalf strengthsf If feelf Toyotaf couldf makef betterf usef off inf thef futuref aref itsf manyf
researchf andf developmentf facilities,f especiallyf thosef whosef focusf isf onf passengerf safetyf
andf thef reliabilityf off thosef darnf airbags.f Asf theyf aref af leaderf inf thef marketf inf bothf Japanf
andf Northf America,f perhapsf theyf shouldf alsof focusf onf thef reasonf theyf aren'tf leadingf inf
Chinaf wheref thef marketf isf muchf larger.Theirf internalf weaknessesf aref mostlyf inf relationf tof
theirf recalls.f Again,f focusingf onf thosef safetyf featuresf andf developingf af relationshipf withf af
differentf airbagf supplierf mayf bef necessary.f If dof believef thatf Toyotaf willf bef ablef tof stepf
upf tof thef innovativef platef withf thesef newf autonomousf vehicles,f especiallyf givenf thatf theyf
camef outf sof strongf withf thef Prius,f beingf thef firstf off itsf kind.f Thatf beingf said,f it'sf onlyf
naturalf thatf theirf externalf threatsf wouldf comef fromf theirf competition.f Af sortf off racef tof thef
finish.f Thef internalf strengthsf thatf Toyotaf couldf makef betterf usef off inf thef futuref aref itsf
Toyotaf Productionf Systemf andf theirf R&Df facilities.f Thef Toyotaf Productionf Systemf isf thef
company'sf focusf onf qualityf andf reliability.f Beingf af topf marketf inf Northf America,f Toyotaf
shouldf carryf outf plentyf off meticulousf checksf tof ensuref safetyf andf performance.f Doingf thisf
providesf dependabilityf tof Toyota'sf customersf andf buildsf trustf withf theirf company.Toyotaf
hasf 17f R&Df (researchf andf development)f facilitiesf inf eightf countriesf andf af researchf budgetf
off almostf $10f billion.f That'sf moref thanf enoughf resourcesf forf thoroughf information.f Thef
technologyf andf productf developmentf canf ensuref thatf Toyotaf makef high-quality,f appealingf
vehicles.f Thef articlef statesf thatf thef Toyotaf Priusf isf thef company'sf best-sellingf hybridf car.f
Thef Priusf isf efficientf inf gasf andf hasf lowerf amountsf off carbonf dioxidef inf thef air.Withf thef
innovationf off thef Prius,f Toyotaf isf situatedf tof takef advantagef off itsf currentf externalf
opportunities.f Otherf companiesf willf takef advantagef off makingf hybridf vehicles.f Anf
advantagef off af hybridf vehiclef isf thef gasolinef enginef used.f Thef enginef isf usuallyf small,f
light,f andf highlyf efficient.f Toyotaf shouldf prioritizef thef threatf fromf competitorsf withf thef
demandf increasef forf hybridf cars.
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