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The two factors that we should consider when evaluating an argument is identify the
issue, and ask the right questions. These are important because it requires clear
thinking and critical thinking. The way we ask the questions helps us to understand
and make sure we are not getting frustrated and misunderstood. Also this helps us
to identify the problems that we need to work on.
The difference between inductive and deductive arguments? An inductive argument
is it claims that their conclusion probably follow the premises. An deductive
argument claims that their conclusion necessarily follow the premises. When we are
determining the difference we can know that an inductive argument will end with a
probably, as a deductive will end with a the truth.
The most interesting activity this week has been the reading, it has shown me how
to break down the argument, it has explained that you have to do more than just
offer your side and there are more ways to use our critical thinking from the past
weeks. This has made me step back and look at the ways I have had "arguments" or
conversation. Hopefully I will put this to great use with future conversations.
Two factors that I think we should consider when evaluating an argument are
relevance and credibility. To have credibility, you have to be trustworthy and
believed in during an argument. It is super important in an argument because you
have to have the right evidence to back it up. Relevance is important because it is
what helps support whatever evidence you have and provides more logic to the
argument. Both of these factors helps break down the argument and really section it
off and get to the bottom of everything.
The difference between inductive and deductive arguments is a person uses more
facts in an deductive argument and they bring them to the table while in an
argument. In an inductive argument, a person uses more logic and evidence to come
to conclusions and use them to support their decisions.
This weeks learning has taught me there are many different situations and breaks
downs of an argument. It has also taught me different ways to have arguments and
to stop jumping to conclusions. I need to have all the facts, logic and evidence to
support my idea before jumping to conclusions.
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