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Emotions can have a major impact in our critical thinking, whether they are positive
or negative emotions they can drive us to take action and ultimately lead us to
accomplishments. Emotions can create a positive impact on critical thinking by
making an impact to make better decisions and strive for more. Emotions are not
just one sided, they can also have a negative impact on critical thinking that can
create barriers that may prevent you from thinking logically. I have personally
experienced the negativeand positive influences emotions have on critical thinking,
I was my father's caretaker for a while and I had to make many tough decisions
where my emotions became overwhelming and stress and fear became a major
factor and created a barrier for me to be able to think logically and figure out what
was best for my dad. Despite the fear I had to make choices for his medication,
therapies,chemos, and surgeries that would truly benefit him in the long run and not
allow my emotions to get the best of me because I was scared. Communication also
plays a major role in critical thinking as it impacts your decisions by gathering
information to make an informative and logical choice. When I was seeking a job with
a specific company, I was under the impression that the company ran a certain way
and that the position fit my criteria exactly. Due to misinformation from a recruiter
and the lack of gathering information and facts on my end, the job turned out to be
something I did not want for myself at that time. In this week’s activities, I found the
“Think Tank Self-Evaluation Questionnaire” the mostinteresting. I found out more
about myself by taking the quiz and discovered that I am an assertive
communicator, this quiz helped me take a step back and analyze myself and I a was
happily surprised with the results.
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