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I think positive and negative emotions inuence critical thinking depending on the
situation and circumstances a person is dealing with at the time. Negative emotions
could be barriers, which will hinder a person from making wise decisions. Positive
thinking ties into having an open mind and can assist with making good decisions
and using great critical thinking skills. An example of how I balance emotion and
reasoning is while I'm at work I have to not let my feeling get the best of me while
dealing with my mentally ill patients. Some cases are really sad and disturbing and I
have to make decisions based on the well being of the patient not on my emotions. I
think e"ective communication goes hand in hand with emotion and reasoning. In this
weeks activities, I liked learning about the di"erent barriers of critical thinking. I
learned a lot. I also enjoyed the video with the instructor giving examples of critical
thinking. I liked the questions that we had to answer. There were a few times that I
had to reread the choices before I answered them correctly. Overall, I like the
interactive videos. I really found out a lot about myself as well.
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