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Based on this week’s reading and activities, how would you dene critical
What are some characteristics of a critical thinker?
A) critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to
form a judgment.
B)Strong"critical thinkers"demonstrate the following"characteristics:
inquisitiveness with regard to a wide range of issues."
What do you see as common barriers to critical thinking, and how might
people overcome or avoid those barriers?
A)#1 Egocentric nature and thinking patterns:
#2 Group Thinking:
#3 Drone Mentality:
#4 Social Conditioning
Critical thinking is coming to a conclusion by weighing out di1erent option before
making the nal decision. This a well thought out process which including many
di1erent outcomes, avenues and changes. Characteristics of a critical thinker is
analytical, reading, and communication skills. A critical thinker need to posses these
skill to be able to make sound decision based of research and evidence. Barriers for
a critical thinkers can include being bias, self centered, not understanding, resistant,
and over condent. This come with not being able to trust the judgement of others or
thinking that your way is the right way. The most interesting concept this week is the
topic itself. I had already considered myself a critical thinker and I could see many
barriers within myself after reading this weeks chapter. The barrier that coincided
with me the most, was not being able to trust the judgment of others. It gave me a
lot of insight about myself and help me to see things about myself that I didn't
realize before. I didn't nd anything confusing about this week the concepts where
very clear and easy to grasp.
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