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Critical thinking to me means having the ability to analyze all the information and
research you have on something before making reasonable judgment. Whether it be
from readings or schooling or researching, you take all the information and come up
with a good reasonable conclusion. By knowing how to do this, it will help problem
solving and making informative decisions. Good characteristics of a critical thinker
would have to be someone who is open-minded and willing to learn about new
things. Someone who is concerned with becoming and staying knowledgeable.
Someone who is attentive and alerted. Someone who has self-con"dence with ones
own abilities to reason and debate. I think there are multiple di$erent barriers for
critical thinkers. Most common would have to be closed-mindedness, Lack of
willingness and lack of knowledge. To be a good critical thinker, you have to make
sure you full of accurate knowledge so you can make informed decisions and have a
healthy debate. Some people feel like they may be informed correctly due to all the
di$erent social media platforms but have no real knowledge of topics. Also, people
may not have to desire or willingness to learn about di$erent topics and subjects.
Which might also contribute to their critical thinking. People need to be open-minded
and have the want to learn new things. Lastly, closed-mindedness; ones bias may be
so strong which leads them become closed-minded and stops them from wanting to
consider others views or opinions. I feel like if the person is caught up with correct
information on the topic of critical thinking, that itself will help them change their
views on stu$.
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