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While at work on my current job, My absolute favorite think to drink is a cold Coca Cola. I
always bring one in everyday and put it in the freezer. Everyone that knows me knows this.
On this particular day, my COLD Coca Cola was missing but there was a hot one there to
replace it I guess. When I noticed it, my co-worker that was there with me assumed I was
going to be highly upset. I was for a second because, who would do this, that was my
thought. I assumed it had to be someone on the night cleanup crew because I again assumed
it would never be the people that knew it was mine. Well low and behold it was the co-
worker standing next to me. Using my critical thinking skills reasoning skills, this argument
could have been adjusted because the night clean-up crew does not have access to where the
refrigerators are.I utilize social media occasionally. I started noticing people with beautiful
skin a lot. I then started following them trying to sneak and find out more about their skin
regiments. I happen to make a comment in front of my daughter about it. My daughter is 18
and well versed on social media of course. She says "Mom, those are filters that people are
using to add a pop to their looks", I was looking with mouth wide open in disbelief. That is
when I realized that fallacy had taken over me. They had me believing it was real. If I had
did my research a bit more with reason and critical thinking skills, I would have noticed that
it was a trend that was going on and I was clearly not up on whats new in the world. When
I worked as a supervisor in customer service, Susan a customer service agent came to me
and ask if she might change work space. Susan expressed that Kim the new worker next to
her made her uncomfortable. I asked, what has she done or said that made her
uncomfortable? While she didn't have any exchanges with Kim. Susan had overheard other
employees saying Kim was a troublemaker. Susan didn’t want to deal with any part of that.
Susan was paying more attention to rumors. Making assumptions created on what she
overheard from her other co-workers. I decided not to approve Susan’s request to move. I
then ask her to think back to when she was a new employee. How would she feel if that new
employee had been herself? By the end of the week, they were in the break room having
lunch together. Things changed when she took the time to form her own opinion, instead of
listening to the assumptions of others.Another example is a lot of people’s social media page
will lead you to believe that they are fabulous successfully and happy with their life. The sad
reality is they are broke and depressed. You learn fast that people do not always tell the
whole truth when it comes to their social media post. How many times has someone started
talking to someone on social media based on the picture they see on their profile? Only to
face reality when you meet face to face. Then you get glimpse of reality when the real story
comes out. I know you have heard of these scandals were people we would never think the
of their character. Even when we know nothing more about them except what they portray
in the social media world. What I have learned over the years is that you cannot always take
things at face value. If it’s too good to be true, do your research, chances are it’s an illusion.
My younger sister and I got into an argument and her point of view came from what she
experienced with her friend she had from high school. She is going to school for PT and I
am going for business. There would be times where she would be difficult to be around
because she was so stressed about her classes. I told her if she broke it down and took it in
strides it would build up so bad. She brought in the fact that her previous class mate was so
stressed that she dropped out and that that same scenario was going to happen with her. I
believe she was arguing out of a biased opinion because she did not think of the possible
reasons as to why maybe her friend couldn't keep up with the work load.
I am not a very political person and I choose to be that way. I don't pay attention enough
either to where I feel like I could make a credible argument. My fiance has always been
passionate about who he stands by and I do not entirely know if it's because of his father or
he really stands behind what he knows. Some things in the media and what politicians speak
on though do spark my attention because of what they deal with. When I try to make an
argument or an opinion about the subject, he has very biased opinions because if it against
the party he is for, it is already wrong. He also brings up the fact that I am open about not
wanting to pay attention to the politics so I may not know the whole picture. By this time I
just listen to what he says, but know that I have more logical reasoning behind my side of
the argument than just being strong willed about a political side. On example of an argument
I can think of is one that I had with my kids several times. I wanted to convince them to well
in school and to care about their grades. I emphasized that they needed to, at the very least,
graduate high school with strong grades. I would point out that if they didn’t, they would
have to work extremely hard to make a living and would probably struggle financially for
the most of it. I would even use my husband as an example because he didn’t finish school,
and he does mostly hard manual labor for a poor wage. I think I used bias because of his
situation and the fallacy that you can’t succeed without good grades.My next example also
involves one of my daughters. The dating scene is so different now and things that were
considered inappropriate when I was dating are now the norm apparently. She had just
started dating a guy when she decided to go on vacation with him. I immediately starting
making him look like a bald person that she couldn’t trust when I knew nothing about him.
That was not fair to him or her because I was so biased in my opinion, not only because of
the way I grew up, but also because I just wanted to protect her. I definitely should have
been more open and to give him a chance to prove himself. Either way, she still went but it
wasn’t without a good fight from me. I think that with current news outlets and social media,
we come across biased information on a daily basis. News outlets sometimes stretch the
truth in order to convince their viewers to believe what they want them to believe. It can be
hard to tell what statements are factual and which are fallacy. With the elections closing in
many people often share their political opinions in less than factual ways, spreading bias and
assumption. Most people don't know everything about every single candidate and this leads
to lots of assumption about what candidates believe. Social media further fuels these issues
with political arguments online. Articles that are shared online aren't always accurate which
just spreads false and biased information to get the audience to believe something that isn't
true. Critical thinking plays a huge role in these issues, as we learn what news sources are
accurate and which aren't we can make the decision not to read those articles or engage in
arguments and the spreading of false information both online and in person. When critical
thinking is used, it becomes easier to see what information is biased and fallacy and what
information is accurate. I work at an Adult Education School and therefore we have many
students that are working towards earning their high school diploma or high school
equivalency certificate. Most of the front office have been working at the Adult School for
quiet sometime, and have seen many students fail to achieve their goal of earning their high
school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. Therefore, I have witnessed the office
staff on many occasions being rude and disrespectful towards returning students based on
their past experience with the students. The office staff is assuming the returning students
will once again fail to achieve their goals as well as being bias towards the group of Adult
Education students. Everyone has reasons as to why they have not finished their goal of
earning their high school diploma or high school equivalency. Life happens and as an Adult
Educator it is our job to help encourage each student even if it is the students 100th time
trying to complete said goals. As an Adult Educator we have to remain open-minded and
understand their are valid reasons an adult student may start and stop continuing their
education. Life happens and shame on the office staff for their assumptions and being bias
towards our Adult Educations Students.Before working for the Adult Education School, I
worked in the fitness industry as an assistant manager; I found missing money from the cash
register, a consistent $20 each month. I brought it to my managers attention and she tried to
cover it up. I was told by an employee they had seen her take money from the register
before, therefore, I had to bring the matter to HR's attention. My manager than began to find
ways to personally attack me by having the IT department track my cell phone, (which they
could not because I did not connect to the company's WIFI) she had all my emails read and
she called each employee in one by one and stood over their shoulders while she "helped"
them write statements against me. This was a case of an ad hominem fallacy as she attacked
my character by having employees falsely write statements about me (which they did out of
fear of losing their jobs and told me so themselves) and never actually speaking to me on the
matter nor getting to the truth of the matter. My first example is my co worker and I got into
an argument a few days ago about him not showing up for duty. However he complains to
me when I be a tab bit late for duty. The argument could have work out if I could have
confronted him about it when no one was around, but I felt some type of way when he does
it in front of people. I could have been the bigger person in this situation. Another example
would be my cousin and I got into off he say and she say things, someone went back and
told something I said but change the story up . However , my cousin didn't come to me about
the situation but instead she block me off face book. When she could have came to be so we
can talk things out, unfortunately this cousin and I don't communicate at all due to someone
not telling the truth in what I said . I even tried to be the bigger person to apologize but
somethings you just got to keep at a distance especially family. My first example happened
around Christmas time a year ago. My daughter's dad was talking with his son who at the
time was only two. His son was saying how he couldn't wait for Santa to bring him a fie
truck. My daughter's dad made the statement to him that he buys all of his Christmas gifts. I
over heard the conversation from the other room and quickly ran to tell him not to say things
like to him. I was upset because I felt that as a toddler you should believe in Santa. I told
him that he was ruining his son's imagination and growing him up too fast by telling him
things like that. His defense was he work hard to buy all of the gifts his children ask for and
they should know whose actually buying their gifts. The idea that a jolly old man delivers
gifts around the whole world in one night is a bit of a fallacy, but one that keeps children in
the holiday spirit in my opinion. I don't think its wrong to allow them to believe in Santa
Claus for as long as they want.Another example would be a bias disagreement that I had
with a friend of mine. We were discussing same sex/ gay relationships and how gay parents
are able to adopt. Though I have nothing against gay relationships ( I don't mean to offend
anyone with this statement) I was against gay couples being able to adapt a child. I felt as
though a child being raised in a same sex home would only confuse the child and that would
possibly increase the chances of the child being gay later in life. My friend who is also
heterosexual disagreed with me completely. She had done her research and explained to me
that statistics suggest there isn't a major difference in the gender identity development in
children. She even told me that gay couples are more likely to successfully adopt than some
heterosexual couples. After listening to some of my friend's points and doing some research
of my own, it did help me to be more open minded to the thought of children being adopted
into a same-sex home. Before then, I was completely bias to the idea and was not interested
in hearing in any studies or anything else that may suggest that it was perfectly normal.
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