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Over the past couple years I have called myself making a budget. I purchased budge
planners and sheets to help me keep track of my spending and monthly bills. I was
not consistent in tracking and my budget did not include my past debt. I would say
my experience hasn't been the best because of my own doing. I tend to lose track
when I over spend and then i think well I messed up and will begin again next month
but that next month can turn into 3 months of not being aware of my spending and
budget. I find myself looking back thinking where did all my money go.
In the past I have tracked my expenses to identify any changes in my balance. I
would make a list of things due and estimate how much I would have left.
Sometimes more and sometimes I had less after paying bills and getting necessities.
That is because every now and then I would do some excessive shopping without
checking if I had enough or if spending this much will hurt me in the future. I will
continue to apply those methods as well as the new strategies I have learned this
week. I will begin to use the budget calculator and track my expenses to see where
my money is going and where I can make some changes to save more and change
the variable.
For the first half of the year I file exempt so that I will have less taken out of my
check which gives me more for current bills and expenses. The next half of the year I
withhold at a higher amount so that I will qualify for a tax return and not owe so
much at the end of the year.
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